What does the program consist of?

Lifting Sessions

Weight room sessions will concentrate on developing proper lifting technique first and foremost, then slowly increasing the intensity and load on the body. The stronger and more powerful an athlete becomes in the off-season, the better he or she will perform during the winter and the less he or she is likely to become injured.

Movement Sessions

Movement sessions will focus on the development of proper movement skills, boosting speed, increasing agility and improving explosiveness, as well as improving conditioning in the correct energy system. This will be achieved by teaching the athletes specific warm-up exercises, correct running mechanics, proper cutting technique and precise jumping and landing mechanics. At the end of each conditioning session, they will play a game to put their new skills into practice.

Why participate in the summer strength & conditioning program?

The standard has been implemented by the SSCV Human Performance division to decrease the chance of injury, increase sport-specific potential and track progress from year to year.

SSCV’s MINIMUM ATHLETIC STANDARDS are attached as a PDF on this page to educate everyone on the tests and standards they must attain. The grid is designed for athlete’s age classification during the upcoming competition season.

If you choose not to participate in the 2016 SSCV Summer Strength & Conditioning Program, you will be responsible for preparing yourself to pass the MINIMUM ATHLETIC STANDARDS this fall. If you are unable to pass the standards, you may be withheld from on-hill activities until such a time when you are able to pass.

Athletes participating in this summer program will need to have the following:

  • Heart Rate Monitor (required)
  • Cleats and/or Trail Running Sneakers (for outdoor grass field)
  • Indoor Clean Sneakers (for the gym)
  • Your Own Water Bottle (write your name on it)
  • Healthy Snacks and/or Lunch
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimming Suit and towel
  • Light Outdoor Clothes for Hiking
  • Enthusiasm and a Great Work Ethic!

Summer Training Program Fees:

  • SSCV Full-Time Athlete – U16’s & Older – Included in Program Cost
  • SSCV Part-Time Athlete – U16’s & Older – 2 Days – $550
  • SSCV Part-Time Athlete – U16’s & Older – 4 Days – $950
  • Non SSCV Athlete – U16’s & Older – 2 Days – $750
  • Non SSCV Athlete – U16’s & Older – 4 Days – $1,200 For Part-Time and Non SSCV Athletes, please contact the Minturn Fitness Center to sign up for a training program. The front desk can be reached at 970-790-5090 or you can visit the facility Monday through Friday from 6am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 6pm. We expect all athletes to be ON-TIME for ALL training sessions. Due to our increased numbers this year, the group sessions (both field and weight room sessions) need to be attended on-time in order for the session to run smoothly. Please do not hold back your fellow athletes!