SSCV Freestyle’s Casey Andringa finished fifth in men’s freestyle moguls Monday evening at the Phoenix Snow Park at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

Andringa qualified for the final round after finishing third in the second qualifying round prior to the finals Monday evening. In the first run of the finals, Andringa placed fifth to advance to the third-run finals.

In the third final run, a bobble on the landing of his second jump proved to be Andringa’s undoing as he got a bit into the back seat.

“I really have had such a fun day,” said Andringa. “I woke up in this morning and I was like, that’s what I want to do today, I want to have fun. Coming to the Olympics you have so many people telling you how it’s going to feel and how you should feel about it all. I felt like I had to feel the seriousness and intensity coursing through me. But that’s not what this is for me. I decided that the only goal I had for today was to have as much fun as possible and ski as many moguls runs and I could.”

By his own estimation, Andringa had a 1000/1 shot at making the Olympics at the start of the season.