Financial Aid Information

The Scholarship Fund is utilized for financial aid awards and is funded in part through the generosity of Alpine Bank as well as other generous donations, grants and sponsorships of our supporters including SSCV staff contributing “For the Kids”.

Financial aid is available from SSCV to support up to 75% of program fees. Applications are submitted on-line to School and Student Services (SSS) and require complete financial information.

Please note that financial aid is not available for Post Graduate athletes or athletes living with host families.

Funding for the Scholarship Fund comes from individual and corporate donations as well as fundraising events. Annually,  SSCV coaches, academic coaches and administrators donate to the SSCV “For the Kids” Scholarship Fund reflecting the staff’s deep belief in providing the opportunity for all kids to experience snow sports. We are humbled by our staff support “For the Kids”.

The deadline to apply for financial aid is May 16, 2022 for full-time athletes and October 17, 2022 for all other applicants, including Full Time. Please make note that fall financial aid applicants will be required to make payments on their account prior to notification about financial aid awards.

Financial Aid Application

All financial aid requests must be submitted online to School and Student Services (SSS), an organization independent of Ski & Snowboard Club Vail. SSS is a service of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Based on the information you provide, SSS calculates an estimated amount that your family can contribute towards program expenses at SSCV. SSCV will use this information to help determine awards for our athletes.

Step 1

Please go to the SSS website and click on the prompt to begin your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). You will create a user name and password, which will allow you to complete the PFS over more than one session. This will give you time to gather the required information for the application. Only one PFS is needed per family regardless of the number of children applying. However, in the case of separated or divorced families, each parent must complete the entire process with SSS. All material submitted to SSS will be secure. A fee is required to submit your Parent Financial Statement to SSS.

Please select SSCV as your designated school of choice. Our school code is: 164499. For families who wish to share their financial information as part of a financial aid application with another institution (for example: a college or private school), you can select other schools at no additional charge.

Step 2

Scan all required financial documents and upload to the SSS website. The required documents include:

1.) complete tax returns for the last 2 years (including all schedules)

2.) corporate tax returns for business owners (if applicable)

3.) W-2s for the most recent year

If you do not have the ability to scan, please mail the documents to:

School and Student Services by NAIS
Application Processing Center
P.O. Box 449
Randolph MA 02368-0449

Step 3

Download the SSCV Financial Aid Application. Fill out the application and upload this document to the SSS Website. If you do not have the ability to scan, please mail the document to the address given above.

Step 4

Complete Steps 1-3 no later than May 16, 2022 for full time programs or October 17, 2022 for all other applicants, including full time.

Any questions can be directed to SSS Customer Service at (800) 344-8328 or to SSCV Chief Business Officer, Tiffany Hoversten at (970) 790-5127 or


It is the family’s responsibility to make sure that the file is complete. You may verify this by going to the parent portal at this link.

Families who do not complete this process with SSS will not be considered for financial aid awards.

Families will be notified in writing of the financial aid decisions approximately 5-7 weeks after the deadline.

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