We want to remind our members and staff about critical pick-up and drop-off procedures at the SSCV Clubhouse.  There will be no parking at the SSCV Clubhouse for staff, members or guests. The driveway will be used for active loading and unloading only.

For those of you who are newer to the club, the driveway at the SSCV Clubhouse is a tremendous asset that allows for quick pick-up and drop-off of athletes directly at the base of the mountain. With that benefit, however, comes the need for significant cooperation on the part of our members in order for the driveway to function properly.

On the weekends, SSCV staff will be visible and working to move the traffic along. Please follow their directions.

The driveway will operate exactly as it has in the past. During periods of high traffic, a backup of cars may form on Vail Valley Drive. When dozens of cars arrive all at the same time, your patience and speedy pick-up and drop-off practices will help expedite the process for you and your fellow SSCV members.

Be aware of the following pick-up and drop-off procedures:

— All vehicles must enter from the west and exit to the east. It is recommended that vehicles approach from the west side of Vail Valley Drive (rather than coming in from the golf course) because turning left into the driveway may be a challenge during busy periods. Do not park or block the entrance to the garage.

— The driveway will split into three lanes. The left and right lanes are for loading and unloading. The middle lane is for thru traffic only. Under no circumstances is parking in the middle lane allowed. Please also note, the right lane will passes under a clubhouse overhang — no high clearance vehicles!

— Pull all the way up to the furthest available spot. Do not hang back and wait. If a vacancy ahead opens up, move forward. This is critical to getting cars off Vail Valley Drive.

— Please do not block administration parking spots or the dumpster. These areas must have ease of access throughout the day.

— Do not leave your vehicle unattended. Make a plan to meet your athlete(s) on the front side of the building. Coaches will be instructed and encouraged to usher athletes to the front of the clubhouse. Keep your vehicle running.

— Load and unload your athletes quickly. If you would like to visit the clubhouse, visit the Technical Services Shop or speak with a coach, please park in the Vail Village parking structure and ride the in-town shuttle over to Golden Peak.

— Do not show up early. You will receive further communication from your program manager about pick-up and drop-off times. These times are intentionally staggered. Arriving early and waiting in the driveway will cause congestion.

— Have a conversation with your athlete(s). Make sure he or she knows where and when to meet.

— Pedestrians, please use the stairs. The new stairs from the sidewalk along Vail Valley Drive should be used if approaching the clubhouse on foot.

It is important to remember that, while the new driveway is a huge improvement from our old driveway, it simply is not possible for us to supply even short-term parking to our membership of more than 400 families. The SSCV Clubhouse driveway is for active loading and unloading only.