Forms for Members, Guest Athletes & Competitors

SSCV Activity Release: click here.
Required for all early season training visitors, guest athletes and guest competitors.

Forms for SSCV Registered Athletes

Required only for full-time SSCV athletes (4 or more days a week)

Proof of Physical Examination & Clearance for Athletics (Athletic Physical) along with Medical History Form

This form is required for your athlete to participate in our programs.
SSCV requires a physical examination and clearance for athletics on file at all times from a physical in the past year as well as a Medical History Form completed by a parent in the past year. Please submit these updated forms to SSCV via email to when the current forms on file with SSCV expire.

+ Is your athlete going to be traveling internationally with SSCV?

If so, it is required that he/she have a Global Rescue membership:
a. Click here to sign up
b. Email with the athlete’s Membership ID and expiration date for our records

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