Academic Partners

SSCV Academic Partners for Full-Time Athletes

Through strong partnerships cultivated over the years, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail full-time athletes can pursue their passion for snowsports while focusing on academic excellence at schools here in our local community.

While these partner schools work closely with SSCV to support student-athletes, it is important to note that each school has their own application, enrollment, and/or approval process that is separate from the SSCV full-time admissions process.

Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy (VSSA)

VSSA is a 5th-12th grade Eagle County public school that serves up to 300 full-time student-athletes. VSSA is a fully accredited and certified college preparatory school, and the first public ski and snowboard academy in the country.

VSSA is located in Minturn, Colorado, just 10 miles from SSCV’s Golden Peak training venue and Clubhouse. It is adjacent to SSCV’s Nordic training venue at Maloit Park and dryland facility at the Minturn Fitness Center.

Students who enroll at VSSA must also be accepted to and enroll in an approved full-time athletic program, which include SSCV full-time Alpine, freeski, mogul, Nordic and snowboard programs as well as some club’s hockey, swim and gymnastics programs.

VSSA was founded in 2007 through an academic partnership between SSCV and Eagle County Schools. The uniqueness of this arrangement (a public school) coupled with SSCV’s financial aid program reflects SSCV’s ongoing commitment to making snowsports accessible to more people.

Still, VSSA has limited spots available and athletes must complete an application process through the school.

Important Dates for VSSA Application Process

12/1/23- VSSA Online Application opens

12/14/23- Parent Info Sessions begin

1/16/23- Shadow Days begin

2/1/23- Deadline for 1st round of applications*

2/15/23- 1st round decisions are shared with families

3/1/23- Deadline for 2nd round of applications*

3/15- 2nd round decisions are shared with families

*To be considered in this round, athletes must have an application with a current grade report and two teacher recommendations on file. Athletes must also be accepted to an approved full time athletic program. Please contact VSSA directly with any questions regarding your child’s application status or materials.

Vail Mountain School (VMS)

Vail Mountain School is a K-12th college-preparatory school that provides an independent school option to SSCV families. A student at VMS can train at an elite level with SSCV and receive a rigorous education. As members of the VMS community, it also means that these athletes will have social enrichment and athletic opportunities beyond the mountain.

The mission of VMS is to develop character, seek knowledge and build community. Accredited by the Association of Colorado Independent Schools and a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, VMS is the only independent kindergarten through 12th grade school in Eagle and Summit counties. The school is proud of its continued reputation for excellence in education and placing its graduates in colleges and universities ranked among the top in the country.

At each grade level, teachers are acutely aware of the developmental stages and needs of students. Age-appropriate curriculum is designed for each level while maintaining a focus on elements of both academia and character enhancement. Students are encouraged to be independent in their contribution to the well-being of their school, their classmates and the community. VMS strongly believes that its graduates are prepared to contribute and succeed in an increasingly complex and demanding world.

VMS is located in Vail, Colorado, 5 minutes from SSCV’s Golden Peak training venue and Clubhouse.

An SSCV full-time applicant interested in attending VMS must be accepted as a full-time athlete by SSCV to be a part of an SSCV full-time program, and if not previously enrolled in VMS, should contact the VMS Admissions Director for information on the VMS admission application process. Please see the VMS Admissions Page for details on their application process.

Red Sandstone Elementary School (RSES)

RSES is a K-5th grade Eagle County public school that has a cooperative arrangement with SSCV for 3rd-5th grade students, which allows younger students in the Vail Valley to ski or snowboard competitively on a full-time basis while providing a schedule that meets their unique academic needs. This arrangement expands the partnership between SSCV and Eagle County Schools, which when coupled with SSCV’s financial aid program reflects SSCV’s ongoing commitment to increasing accessibility to snowsports.

RSES is located in Vail, Colorado, just minutes from SSCV’s Golden Peak training venue and Clubhouse.

The RSES cooperative arrangement enables 3rd, 4th and 5th grade student-athletes to train on snow four days per week (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) with a post-training study hall on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The study hall is held at the SSCV Clubhouse and proctored by SSCV staff.

RSES students who enroll in an approved four-day SSCV Full-Time Program (currently Alpine, Freeski, Mogul and Snowboard) and who are approved academically by RSES are eligible to participate.

Please contact the RESE Office Manager for school enrollment information.