Future Stars | YOB 2014-2018

A strong fundamental skill base will enable children to develop to their personal potential and specialize in their future area of interest. There is no better way for kids to learn about their potential, limits, friendships and sportsmanship while learning a lifelong pastime. They will acquire the very best skiing skills with an introduction to safety, etiquette and competition arena protocols. The program is primarily Alpine skiing focused, but will expose participants to three on-mountain skiing disciplines (Alpine, freeski and mogul).


Coaches will work with Future Stars to build a strong fundamental skill base and spend time in each category of venue. This will provide children with an opportunity to discover their personal area of interest. As kids learn about the basic aspects of the various disciplines, they will also be introduced to the safety, etiquette and competition arena protocols.


  • Year of birth 2014-2018
  • PSIA Level 5+ Skiing Ability
    • Developing skills to enhance parallel skiing
    • Models the Skier’s Responsibility Code
    • Can carry and demonstrate proper pole position, may or may not use a pole plant but will use poles to help maneuver around the mountain
    • Can comfortably ski all green and gentle blue terrain with matched skis at or after the fall line
    • May start turns with a wedge entry and match skis early in the turn above the fall line
    • Can consistently stop in both directions using a hockey stop
    • Can comfortably ride a chair lift independently with an adult companion
    • Is capable of caring for their equipment, including putting on and taking off skis