2020 Annual Report

An unprecedented year for the Ski & Snowboard Club Vail community and the world around us inspired an unprecedented approach to SSCV’s 2020 Annual Report – a pictorial reflection of our athletes’ journeys this past year at SSCV and the impact made and outcomes achieved, not only during, but long after, our athletes’ time at SSCV, as told through the lens of a multitude of SSCV community members and friends, who, like all of you, help to shape our community FOR THE KIDS.

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2019 Annual Report

Looking back on 2019, SSCV achieved two of its most important strategic initiatives with the partial opening of the SSCV Clubhouse and the near completion of the Gold Peak Expansion.  Alongside tremendous progress on these strategic initiatives, SSCV was once again an industry leader across our five snowsports and cycling with tremendous results at all levels of competition.  READ MORE >

2018 Annual Report

Looking back on 2018, we simply couldn’t imagine a busier, more constructive year for SSCV. It has been a privilege to witness as we surpass several critical milestones and achieve a level of progress that has been pursued in some cases for many decades. With these enhancements have come significant obstacles, and our athletes, parents and staff have stepped up to the challenge. Moving forward, we will look back on this period as one of great progress for our organization — a period in which hard work, dedication and a certain level of short-term sacrifice yielded an enduring legacy. READ MORE >

2017 Annual Report

As we look back on my first full year at Ski & Snowboard Club Vail, we are pleased by our ability to work through challenges and achieve our goals. We made significant progress toward achieving our most important strategic initiatives through the collaborative efforts of many.

In 2017, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail broke ground on a new, long-awaited clubhouse at the base of Golden Peak. After nearly three decades of planning and effort, it literally took a village, from the support of Vail Resorts and the Town of Vail, to the tireless work performed by the Clubhouse Committee, our staff and various community partners. This outstanding, multi-year effort by so many in the Vail community brought the project to reality. READ MORE >

2016 Annual Report

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail observes three objective measures when evaluating its own performance: membership surveys, financial well-being and results on the hill. Thanks to an efficient organization, community support and unrivaled infrastructure, SSCV has cultivated a thriving membership of more than 600 individuals across dozens of programs. For the second year, the organization has exceeded $5 million in revenue and, in 2016, increased financial aid by more than 30 percent. Meanwhile, as a result of broader club efforts, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail was honored as the 2016 USSA Alpine Club of the Year for an unprecedented third-straight season, and Rob Worrell was named USSA Alpine Coach of the Year. These achievements would never have been possible without the dedicated support of our community, parents and volunteer staff, which is unparalleled and unwavering in their contributions to our athletes and programs. READ MORE >

2015 Annual Report

Following 2014’s unprecedented awards as USSA Club of the Year and the recognition of four of our sports as the leader among the more than 400 USSA clubs around the country, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) set the goal for the year of “To the Next Level”. Club leadership recognized that these achievements might never be duplicated by any club and it was likely that we would outperform our benchmarks and not receive any awards to show for it. READ MORE >