SSCV Mogul offers part-time and full-time programs for skiers ages 7 and up with a focus on developing skills for competition performance. Year-round training opportunities, such as trampoline, water ramping, summer camps and early season training complete the training cycle. Competition-program athletes work closely with their coaches to develop and employ strong turn concepts, technical skills, aerial expertise and competition tactics and strategy.

  • Mogul Bumps and Jumps Saturday (1 Day), Saturday Program: November 27 – March 26 (Ages 7-11)
  • Mogul Bumps and Jumps Weekend (2 Day), Weekends and Holidays: November 20 – March 27 (Ages 8-14)
  • Mogul Bumps and Jumps Full-Time 4 Day, 4 Days/Wk: November 6 – March 27 (Ages 7-11)
  • Mogul Pre-Academy Team, 3 Days/Wk: November 5 – April 10 (Ages 7-14)
  • Mogul Part-Time Program, 4 Days/Wk: October 19 – April 10 (Ages 12-18)
  • Mogul Middle School Team: 5-6 Days/Wk:  August 31 – April 17 (5th-8th grade)
  • Mogul High School Team: 5-6 Days/Wk: May 1, 2021 – April 17 (9th-12th grade and PG)
  • Mogul FIS Team (US Sel, NorAm and World Cup): September 1- April 17 (9th-12th grade and PG)

Plentiful On-Snow Training

SSCV Mogul enjoys one of the longest on snow training seasons in North America. The early season training starts with flats in October (usually starting around mid-October) and then moves to an early season training course on the Golden Peak Expansion (usually early November) and later transitions to our competition arena at Vail Mountain.

Trampoline & Ramp Training

Trampoline and gymnastic training at SSCV provides off-season development and benefits. VSSA’s trampoline center plays a big role in our regular dryland training schedule. Video analysis along with group and one-on-one work with coaches all figure into the scheme for maximizing our athletes’ skill and talent. In the summer months, SSCV Mogul books ramp dates at the SSWSC Water Ramps at Bald Eagle Lake in Steamboat.

Dedicated Coaches

SSCV’s dedicated and knowledgeable coaches have helped many young athletes advance to the U.S. Freestyle Team, FIS World Cup, and the Olympics. SSCV Mogul coaches have designed a comprehensive physical, technical, tactical and mental program along with a Long Term Athletic Development Plan to take skiers from grassroots participation to success at the highest levels of the sport. SSCV Mogul coaches teach skills that last a lifetime, which can be used all over the mountain.

Competition Tours

SSCV Athletes compete at every level of competition from local series to the World Cup. The RMF Devo, RQS and Competition Series (with stops at Winter Park, Steamboat, Telluride, Vail, Arapahoe Basin and Aspen), may be the finest circuit on the planet.

  • RMF Devo, RQS, and Competition Series: Vail, Winter Park, Steamboat, Aspen, Telluride and Arapahoe Basin
  • FIS NorAm: TBA in US and Canada
  • FIS World Cup: Select Comps TBA