Human Performance Team

Our Human Performance staff is held to the highest industry standards of coaching. The Strength and Conditioning coaches hold a minimum of a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification — the gold standard in the industry through the National Strength & Conditioning Association. The SSCV Strength & Conditioning Manager works directly with program-specific coaches who are assigned to administer workouts that are specific to the needs of each discipline (Alpine, freeski, mogul, Nordic and snowboarding) in order to maintain continuity and oversight across the annual cycle of our sports. These coaches leverage our relationship with U.S. Ski & Snowboard to periodically attend continuing education workshops, ensuring all programs remain on the cutting edge of human performance and athletic development. In addition, some coaches are certified EXOS Performance Specialists, and certified in Functional Movement Screening, TRX and USA Weightlifting as well as individual areas of expertise.

Our athletes make use of annual group and personalized plans specific to their developmental and sport needs. The integrated training system not only focuses on development of proper movement skills through strength and conditioning, but also places a major emphasis on performance testing and injury reduction modalities as well as sport psychology.

SSCV full-time athletes are expected to achieve and maintain certain physical standards based on age and snowsport, and will undergo physical testing to help assure these standards are met and maintained at several points in the year. To reduce the chance of injuries, athletes are screened to identify areas of weaknesses, and then, as needed, given corrective and rehabilitation strategies as well as recovery and regeneration tactics. Training also includes conversation about nutrition, aimed at educating youth athletes on how to make the best decisions on what they are putting in their body for fuel and recovery to improve their overall performance.


The Minturn Fitness Center, a state-of-the-art facility located at the Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy campus at Maloit Park, was made possible through a partnership between SSCV and the Town of Minturn along with the generous support of donors. It serves SSCV athletes, the residents of Minturn and gym members including SSCV parents.

Complementing our on-hill training, the MFC hosts a strength and conditioning human performance program for our full-time athletes in age U16+ teams. This program offers various assessments three to four times per year (which may include functional movement screening, strength, power and cardiovascular testing) as well as customized, individual performance programs, such as strength and conditioning, movement skills and sports psychology. This center utilizes the latest, modern equipment and top-tier staff to help our athletes achieve their goals.

In addition to the MFC, the SSCV Clubhouse has a facility fully outfitted to meet the strength and conditioning needs of our athletes at Golden Peak. This presents great opportunity for our athletes, and provides for more flexibility around available time at the MFC while also allowing a way to maximize the pre- and post-training periods for athletes training in Vail. The club’s strength training and conditioning sessions are supervised by MFC staff and run by SSCV coaches who attend continuing education sessions delivered by the MFC staff.

Medical Partners

The Steadman Clinic and The Steadman Philippon Research Institute are the official medical partners of Ski & Snowboard Club Vail and provide the SSCV Human Performance staff and on-hill staff with industry-leading resources for the health and welfare of our athletes. With full-time Co-Medical Directors and an on-site Certified Athletic Trainer, our athletes can get injury assessment and treatment options on short notice at the nation’s leading orthopedic clinic, right here in downtown Vail.

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