Save the date!  Saturday, March 3rd, is the 3rd Annual Downhill Dash – Vertical Challenge part of this season’s Steadman Clinic Vail Cup!  This is a great fundraiser that all athletes can participate in!  It does not matter the discipline or age and we’d like to see 100% participation from Ski and Snowboard Club athletes. The purpose of this event is to raise funds for SSCV scholarships!

What happens at the Downhill Dash? In addition to being a fundraiser, on March 3rd athletes will participate in a Vertical Challenge where they will compete to ski or ride the most amounts of vertical feet in one day.  Vertical will be tracked with Vail Resort’s EpicMix and the participants who ski or ride the most vertical will win prizes.

8:30am – Downhill Dash Vertical Challenge Begins

12noon-2:00pm – Option to lap on Golden Peak Race Arena – technical freeski and freeride for athletes 12 and under

3:00pm – Downhill Dash Vertical Challenge is Over, Vertical Feet are tallied and the Party at SSCV Begins

3:45pm – Awards at SSCV

All vertical on the race arena will also count towards their day’s overall total.  Please note the athlete’s safety is always our top concern.  During the technical freeski and freeride, coaches will be positioned throughout the hill to ensure a fun and safe day!

Prior to the event, the competitors will ask friends and family to support them by donating to the SSCV Scholarship Fund (these donations are tax deductible).  This year you have the option of doing this online as we will be using the website to promote SSCV’s fundraising efforts.

The goal is to raise $20,000 to the Scholarship Fund!


Top Fundraiser

Top Fundraiser Team

Most Vertical ages 6 -12

Most Vertical ages 13 and older

Most Vertical ages 18 and older

Every year SSCV raises scholarship funds and awards scholarships to more than 20% of its 500 athletes. Most often these athletes in our valley would not have been able to participate in winter sports without these funds. Last year SSCV awarded over $110,000 in scholarships and as enrollment grows, so does the need to provide scholarships. This fundraiser directly assists these young athletes in their pursuit of personal growth through their on-snow dreams.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call Carol Cadouy, Downhill Dash Chairman at 970-376-0096 / or Emmy Hoyt, SSCV Development Manager at 970-790-5122 /

Directions to register and be a part of the  3rd Annual Downhill Dash – Vertical Challenge are below. You do not have to be a Ski & Snowboard Club athlete to be involved, so tell all your friends to come get challenged!


There are three simple steps to join in the challenge:

1. RSVP – Please email with the participating athletes names.

2. Activate EpicMix – In order to participate you will need to activate your EpicMix account so that we can track your vertical.  To activate your EpicMix account, visit and click register.  You will need your pass number, pass holder first and last name, and pass holder birthdate to register.

3. Collect donations – You may collect donations online or in person.  You will need a minimum of $25 in donations to participate.  Collecting donations online is easy (directions below). You can create a personalized fundraising page (recommended) or you can direct your donors with credit cards to the event page and they can donate in your name.  The event page can be found on this link:

ONLINE – To set-up your personal fundraising page on the Active Giving site:

  • Visit
  • Click “Become a Fundraiser” at the top of the page
  • You will need to create an account so click “I do not have a username or password”
  • On the account registration page you only need to enter information that is required (indicated by the asterisk) *If you are 13 or younger, please have your parent create the account.
  • Once you have created an account you can login and begin personalizing your fundraising page (note that your username is your email address).
  • Now you can customize your fundraising page.  Come up with a unique page name or simply use your first and last name.  If you have siblings that are participating you can make it a family fundraising page.  Be sure to set your fundraising goal!
  • Once your page is set-up you can start fundraising!  Take note of your official page web address, that is the link that you will email to your family and friends.
  • We also encourage you to link your page on facebook.

IN PERSON – If you wish to collect cash or check donations in person, please use the donation form here.  If a donor is filling out a donation slip make sure to have them fill out the donation slip completely and have them print clearly!

  • Get the cash/check in advance or have them donate online.  Collect your donations  (cash and checks) and put into an envelope.
  • Turn in your envelope into the club office or bring with you on Downhill Dash Day.

We look forward to the 3rd Annual Downhill Dash – Vertical Challenge and a very successful fundraiser for the SSCV Scholarship Fund!