SSCV’s U16 alpine racers wrapped up four days of racing between Winter Park and Loveland last week. The slalom and giant slalom races determined the qualifiers for the U16 Rocky/Central Regional Championships that are set to take place next month.

SSCV qualified 18 boys and 19 girls for a total of 34 athletes. The boys are as follows: Fletcher Holm, Wyatt Hall, Sven Barr, Henry Strauch, Samuel Packer, Mackay Pattison, Tanner Rosener, Samuel Bolton, Trey Kelsey, Tanner Grant, Dominick Epifanio, Brendan Archer, Nick Ebner, Jackson Gayer, Appollo Powell, Tyler Webert, Thomas Conlon and Will Bettenhausen.

The qualified girls include: Berit Frischholz, Emma Resnick, Katie Bervy, Carissa Cassidy, Gabriella Holm, Taylor Hoyt, Josephine Trueblood, Bayli McSpadden, Sophia Lehmann, Hailey Harsch, Emma Birtwhistle, Adalie Sullivan, Emma Kate Burns, Nicola Rountree-Williams, Alexa Anderson, Ava Jemison, Georgia Sege, Shen Geldbaugh and Samantha Lathram.