Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

After a beautiful, springlike, fun and successful week end at Beaver Creek, we are now getting ready for the YSL Championships this weekend.

As you know the girls are competing on Saturday and the boys on Sunday.

The format is GS one run in the morning and SL one run in the afternoon.

Team awards based on top ten racers and individual season overall awards, based on 5 races,  will be given at the Championships.

We will meet each day, upstairs in the cafeteria at 7:30. We will have your lift ticket if you prepaid for one and your bib and the schedule for the day.

If you have a 5th or 6th grade passport, go to the ticket window.

Remember to bring SL and GS tuned sharp and waxed skis and both helmets.

On Friday we will offer SL and GS training, 3 runs each.

On Saturday there will be training according to calendar for the boys.

On Sunday the girls have the opportunity to race in the Steadman Vail Cup, Nordic in the morning and GS in the afternoon. We will also offer a GS course for training during the GS Vail Cup.

We encourage all girls to register for the Vail cup, Nordic is a great team building activity and your coaches will be there as well. There is plenty of equipment to rent for all for a very small fee at the Vail Nordic Center, where the race around a small track takes place.

Don’t worry most of us are beginners at this, but you learn and it is a lot of fun.

After the GS race there is a free BBQ at SSCV.

Looking forward to an exciting week end. Our young athletes are prepared for the challenge and have worked very hard on progressing to this point.

Good luck to all,

See you on the hill,


Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153




Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

What a fantastic and diverse week end for the YSL program.

Coaches and athletes and parents where in three different ski areas.

Some of our U12 athletes, had earned a spot to compete at the Age class U12 Dual SL event at Echo Mt. Some of our U14’s and U16’s competed at the Council Cup at Ski Cooper and some worked hard on Golden Peak training SL and GS, preparing for our upcoming events.

Congratulations to all of our athletes who competed. You all gave it your best. We are proud of all you.

Upcoming schedule:

Sunday, March 9th, Beaver Creek, GS, 

See Fact sheet link at bottom of this post, please sign up on USSA today.  (deadline tomorrow-Tuesday) no waiver necessary.

2014 Championships at Copper Mountain Resort

Saturday, March 15, 2014:Girls Race & Sunday, March 16, 2014:Boys Race,

See Fact sheet link at bottom of this post, please sign up on USSA today.

On Saturday, March 15th, while the girls are racing, we will offer free skiing and training on Golden Peak for the boys, then the next day, on Sunday,  while boys are racing,

There will be free skiing and training for the girls on Golden Peak.

This week on Friday and Saturday, there will be skiing and training according to calendar.

On Sunday for the Beaver Creek race, we will meet at Mc Coys at 7:45 for schedule and bib distribution.

Don’t forget, if you are at all thinking of moving to Age Class, especially if your coach has spoken with you already, please sign up for the Mt Bachelor Summer camp now.

Any week is fine.https://skiclubvail.org/programs/alpine/summer-camps

Mar 15-16 YSL Championships Fact Sheet

Copper Mountain Sports Release 2013-2014final(1)

Mar 9 Beaver Creek HEAD Race Announcement

Thank you for all your utmost support and efforts,

See you this weekend,

Rika Moore

Head YSL coach




Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,
After a great week end of racing, some at Ski Cooper and some at Loveland we are moving into the March schedule.
We are training according to calendar this weekend, unless you have been contacted by your contact coach otherwise.
Since we are now in the Spring skiing season, it is time to think about summer camps and next year.
Here is the Mt Bachelor Summer camp link.
Please have a look at that:
We are available to guide you further.
Thank you,
See you on the hill,

Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153


Dear YSL Parents and Athletes,

Great skiing everyone, our first YSL SL race. How fun to see all of our athletes skiing well and showing off what they have learnt so far this season.

The stubby SL was challenging right here on our home hill.

The Skills Quest test, “Straight Run, to Pivot, Side Slip Edge Set and Pole P” is a complex drill and many skills are tested. The main skill the evaluator is looking for was the pivot, side slip and edge set.

Our kids have been practising diligently and these skills will make everyone a better SL skier and a better all around skier, even in the moguls.

Great job everyone.

Results are on live-timing.com

Next week end we will train according to calendar, On Sunday there is a Steadman Vail Cup: Halfpipe and Moguls, no GS race.

Check the calendar for details on training.

Tuesday the 18th is deadline for the Kombi races on Sunday the 23rd.

Sign up is online, please sign up now.

More powder skiing to come,

see you soon,

Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153





Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

This will forever be a memorable winter.

Snow and powder galore, great ski races and kids having fun and learning and…

the Sochi Olympics about to start.

Please read the latest Daily newspaper article by our SSCV Executive Director Aldo Radamus, regarding the Sochi Olympic athlete send off and future athletes’ celebration. It is posted on the YSL face book page as well:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/SSCV-YSL/197915377062779

A Day to Remember for Ski & Snowboard Club Vail-Aldo Radamus SSCV Executive Director:

A big congratulations goes out to all our athletes, who competed in the Vail Cup on the last beautiful Sunday. The Little Big Mt event was challenging and the races were very competitive. Thank you to our parents for helping out with the event and for coming out to watch and support all of the kids.

Results can be found on the Skiclubvail web site:


Now to the upcoming race agenda:

HEAD Rebels Youth Race Cup (Feb 09, 2014) – Vail Resort   SL on Golden Peak

And Skills Quest test:  straight run, Straight run to sideslip with edge set. and pole plant


The deadline for sign up is tonight!!!!!

No waiver necessary!

 Next Steadman Vail Cup:


February 16th Half Pipe and Moguls in the afternoon.

No GS race for this event!

There will be training however according to calendar.

Next Feb 23rd: 

We are splitting our team for this event

Katie’s , Lad’s and Trevor’s groups will attend the Loveland race.

HEAD Rebels Youth Race Cup (Feb 23, 2014) – Loveland Valley

This is a Kombi, SL& GS event, Skills Quest test: Pole Hoppers

Ivan and Marty’s groups and most of  the Speed Quest team will attend Ski Cooper race venue.

HEAD Rebels Youth Race Cup (Feb 23, 2014) – Ski Cooper This is a Kombi, SL& GS event, Skills Quest test: Pole Hoppers

Sign up now please.

This week we will train SL according to calendar.

On Sunday, race day, we will meet at SSCV at 8:15 for race schedule info and bib hand out.

Click here for YSL Vail race fact sheet.

Thank you again for all your support,

Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153



Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

First of all congratulations to all of our athletes for skiing so well and showing off their skills accumulated this season. We are so proud of all of you.

The races where a huge success.  You can find the results on live-timing.com.

We know some kids achieved their goals on Sunday, everyone will reevaluate and will reset them now that we have our first big race under our belt and we will continue to achieve.

Please check out the race videos on Sprongo, https://sprongo.com/team/54659

During  the Skills Quest test at Ski Cooper, the “Free Skiing with Pole Usage”, all of our athletes showed beginning skills with an understanding of carving and pole plant in a balanced GS turn.

Please check out the link, where Mikaela Shiffren shows her support and enthusiasm for Skills Quest.


It is time for you to sign up for the next two races, if you have not yet already.

The Steadman Vail Cup, Feb 2nd,  is next Sunday. http://www.vailcup.com/

The Head Rebels YSL race, SL at Vail, Feb 9th,  the next week end.

Deadline for the Vail YSL is Feb 4th. Please sign up now, ASAP is best.


http://my.ussa.org/myussa (log in to your USSA account and look for the event registration tab).

Directions can be found here:


If you need your skis tuned, or ground, here is the contact info for Brian Eggleton Manager of the Pro Shop:


Our schedule continues according to calendar. See you on Friday and/or Saturday.

Lastly, as your know we have the “Bring it On”  Scholarship fundraiser still on going.

We need a lot more participation:

Steps to Participate in the Scholarship Fundraiser!

 Step #1 :: Sign Up (it isn’t too late since we can pull your EpicMix vertical for the entire month!)

We need to know that you are participating in the Vertical Challenge portion of the ski/ride-a-thon so please register here (it should only take you a minute). You will need to provide your name, contact coach, pass number and date of birth and let us know if you would like your own personal fundraising page.  Please note that you must raise a min of $50 to compete in this portion of the ski-ride/a-thon.

Step #2 :: Fundraise

You have 3 options to fundraise. The more money you raise, the more prizes you will earn and the more kids you will help!

Option 1 – Create a Personal Fundraising Page

Email us here and we will set up your personalized page, complete with your personal url to email and post to facebook – it is that easy!

Option 2 – Direct Donors to our YSL Team Page

Tell donors to visit our team fundraising website here and make a donation in your name.

Option 3 – Fundraise in Person

Collect donations in person please with the pledge form here then turn it into the clubhouse front office.

Remember – SSCV is a 501(3)(3) non-profit organization so all donations are tax deductible!

*If you have any difficulties with your fundraising page or contributing online please contact Jennie Fancher at jenniefancher@mac.com.


Thank you for all your support.


Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153



Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

First of all congratulations to all of our team members for the great effort in the Vail cups. It was exciting to see how much your young athletes have learned so far this season.

To look up results, here is your link:http://www.vailcup.com/results.php

We had excellent training sessions, both Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, we trained on Afterthought, over a bump feature. We also evaluated all athletes on their skills in the Skills Quest drill: Free skiing with pole plants.

Sunday, January 26 is the first YSL GS at Ski Cooper. 

HEAD Rebels Youth Race Cup (Jan 26, 2014) – Ski Cooper

Reminder-the sign up deadline for the above race is tomorrow evening.  Please sign up and pay online on this link, ASAP for : https://services.ussa.org/EventRegistration/search/4752192

Click here for the waiver that needs to be signed and returned to the envelope at SSAC by next Saturday.

Next Sunday at the YSL Ski Cooper GS, the kids will race GS, two runs and be evaluated on their Skills Quest skiing presentation.

Ask your athletes, they did a great job and know where to improve.

We videoed Saturday’s GS training session, please have a look, if you have not done so already.

This week we will train according to the training calendar:

GS on Friday,

free skiing and GS on Saturday

Sunday: Ski Cooper GS races and Skills Quest

meet at 8 AM at Ski Cooper ski area upstairs in the day lodge.

We will give out bibs at 8 AM and inform you of the race schedule.

Tickets can be purchased between 7:30 and 8:15.

See you all this week end,

Think snow

Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153


Dear YSL Parents and Athletes,

Even though we had incredibly blustery conditions, the snow is fantastic and the kids are exploring the steep and deep all over Vail Mt.

Thank you for making sure our young athletes have the right amount of layers of clothing on these freezing mornings.

Training has taken place, even on powdery days. It is a wonderful combination of Powder skiing, balance drills and courses where ruts develop for a new challenge during gate training. All of our athletes are super enthusiastic.

This week, we will train GS as per calendar and free ski.

On Sunday the 19th we compete in our first Steadman Vail Cup.

The event is Slopestyle, in the smaller terrain park, and a GS race in the afternoon.

We will train GS in the morning whether the kids are signed up for Slopestyle or not.

If you have not done so already, sign your  athletes up for the Vail Cup GS.

Here is the link:


Then the following Sunday, January 26 is the first YSL GS at Ski Cooper.

Please sign up and pay online on this link, ASAP.



HEAD Rebels Youth Race Cup (Jan 26, 2014) – Ski Cooper

You can already sign up for this next event as well.


HEAD YSL Series Slalom (Feb 09, 2014) – Vail Resort

Please wait with the next race sign up, for Feb 23rd, because the team will be split for that.

Details for the YSL races are still coming. As soon as I receive it, I will forward to you.


For all races, please organize your equipment the night before.

If kids have side zipper warm up pants, please practise taking them off. It gets tricky sometimes.

See you all either on Friday and or for the weekend.

Think more snow and some sunshine!

Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153


Dear YSL Athletes and Coaches,
I hope everyone had a wonderful entry into the New Year. Cheers to 2014!!!.
Our YSL Holiday camp was a huge success and thank you to everyone who attended the party and brought food and supplies.
Brrr… this weekend was a cold one, but…. we also had wonderful Powder conditions and great SL training. To stay warm on SL training days, we make more then a thousand turns.
Ask your child about the four warm up drills for SL training, especially hop turns.
We are now two weeks away from our first race, the Steadman Vail Cup on the 19th.
If your not real sure about Slope style, ask your son or daughter. It’s a morning event and will take place in a kid size pipe and environment.
We will also have GS training available in the morning of the 19th.
Now to next weekend:
We will train according to the YSL calendar:
GS Friday,
Free skiing,  GS Sat please check the details on the calendar   skiclubvail.org/programs/alpine then click on the Calendar, YSL
drills and skills work and SL Sunday.
This month:
This is a reminder about our “Month Long Bring It On” ski/ride-a-thon Scholarship Fundraiser going on this entire month.  When all athletes in the club participate we will raise over $60,000 for the Scholarship Fund.
We need your help to make this fundraiser work. 
 2 easy steps to participate:
  1. Sign-up here
  2. Fundraise here
Emails with detailed instructions have been sent to all members athletes/parents so click here for complete details.
Looking further down the calendar;
On January 26, we start with the first YSL race, GS  at Ski Cooper.
Details to come, once we receive the fact sheet.
It is also mid season evaluation time. Within the next  three weeks you will be receiving invitations for appointments with your contact coach to discuss your child’s progress. These evaluations are done in person with contact coach, athlete and parent in a sit down 1/2 hour environment.
Please communicate any questions or concerns,
Think snow,
Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153

YSL Recaps and Updates 12/30/13

Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season so far and lots of family time.  The kids all seemed refreshed after the three day x-mas break.

We skied a wonderful, surprising three inches of powder yesterday morning.  Our athletes are all continuing to work on Balanced Athletic Stance with weight over the outside ski. We are learning about different turn shapes and radii of the turn, in SL and GS.

Today is the start of the 4 day YSL Holiday camp, starting with 2 days of SL , then 2 days of GS 12:30 to 3:30.  There is a Potluck Holiday camp/New Years party at the Grand View room in Lionshead afterwards at 3:30. Please check the YSL calendar for details.

Then according to calendar we will be training SL next week end.

When training GS, please take the SL chin guard off.

Don’t forget to check out the videos on Sprongo and the YSL face book page.

Happy New Year everyone, may 2014 bring lots of snow and happiness.


Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153


Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

We had a wonderful weekend of powder skiing and Slalom training.  The kids are all working on pole plant for timing of the start of the turn and angles. Quick switches from turn to turn, are the name of the game.

Please check out the courses we ran by watching the Sprongo video from Sunday’s session.

For Slalom training it is now important to bring all the SL gear the kids own.

For our younger, first year U12 athletes who are training stubby, short, knee hi SL gates, shin guard, hand guards and shin guards are not necessary, but for all 12,13,14 and 15 year old’s it is now necessary.

Please always bring sharp waxed skis to every training session.

For GS training a full over the ear hard helmet is required. Please make sure your child is a member of USSA for the upcoming races in January

If you have a need for a SL or GS ski, we might be able to find a used one for your child , so please contact your coach.  We are currently looking for a 145 twin tip if anyone has a used one for sale.

We realize on Saturdays, the traffic gets a bit crazy. If your child is late, here is the protocol:

Come upstairs and find their coach or a YSL coach. Otherwise any SSCV coach can call the child’s contact coach on the radio to find out where to send the child to meet up with their group. Also Maria Pavese in the front office, downstairs is happy to call the coach on the radio.

Please don’t worry or stress over the traffic, we are always in radio contact.

We have a wonderful group of athletes this year.

Thank you Parents for all your support and for your x-mas gifts.

We’ll see you on Dec 27th, Friday afternoon and the weekend for GS training according to the calendar. And.. if you have not already, don’t forget to sign up for the YSL holiday camp online at  https://skiclubvail.org/programs/alpine go to camps.

Wishing you all the very best Christmas and lots of family time.

Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153



Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

This past weekend we trained GS according to schedule. The kids worked on drills, to hone in on skills of Balance Athletic Stance, dynamic forward movement and re centering in the transition of the turn. The transition is the end of one turn and the beginning of the new turn. Our young athletes, can tell you all about it.

Of course we always work on flexing the ankles and standing on the outside ski.

We videoed each athlete on Sunday. That video can be seen on Sprongo:

https://sprongo.com/team/54659. If you are not yet a member, please create an account. That is the only way the athlete can be tagged, identified and comments can be made by the coach.

Please help your child be prepared for the next training sessions with sharp, waxed ski equipment. If the kids have them, wear speed suits for training, it serves as an extra layer of clothing.

We are training SL this next week end, please bring all SL equipment.

We will also free ski, short turns on steep terrain and in moguls, working on balance, pole plant and short arced turns.

Don’t forget to sign up for the YSL Holiday camp, Dec 30,31 GS and ,Jan 1,2 SL 12:30-3:30 each day.

We will do video analysis every day.

We will have a End of the Camp/New Year’s party at 4 PM.

Please check your YSL calendar.

Lastly, there are still a few athletes with soft ear, helmets training GS. It is a USSA requirement to race with GS helmets, which are GS approved and a full hard helmet.

Please help your child be prepared to bring the proper equipment on GS days.

Even if it means bringing a free skiing helmet and a GS helmet to training.

Also no go pro mount may be attached to the GS helmet.

If you have not done so already, please make sure your child is a USSA member.

Thank you so very much for all your support for your child and the program.

Think snow.

YSL Recaps and Updates 12.9.13

Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

What an incredible week. Powder, World Cup and Slalom training.

We stayed warm through freezing temperatures by skiing moguls, making many, many hop turns and skiing wonderful early season powder conditions.

Beaver Creek World Cup was an adventure. What a privilege to watch the Best in the world right here in our own back yard. Please check out the pictures on the YSL face book page from the week end:


We had a great day on Sunday, training SL. Ask your athlete about corridors and body down the fall line.

All our athletes are learning the importance of the pole plant for Slalom skiing.

It is time now that we will be skiing more in gates, to wear the speed suit, as an extra layer under their coats and warm up pants. If Santa is bringing a new one for x-mas then it’s ok to wait until then.

Also needed for GS training is a full over the ear hard shell helmet, not the free ride soft ear helmet. It is a USSA rule to have a GS approved helmet.

SL face masks are needed at this point only if recommended on an individual basis, as well as Shin guards, pole guards.

After x-mas for the holiday camp, it would be a good idea to have all.

Don’t forget to sign up for the YSL holiday SL and GS  camp:


We will see you all next weekend for GS training.

Stay warm, think snow,

Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153


Alpine YSL Recaps and Updates-December 2, 2013

YSL Recaps and Updates

Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

What an exciting weekend, Women’s World Cup on the Birds of Prey courses, a first descent on the current women’s Raptor course and… to witness more history with Mikaela Shiffrin placing second in GS only 9 hundred’s behind the winner. She is truly an inspiration to all our young athletes.

Click here for a video of Mikaela:

This is our YSL face book page link, please join it and look for fun information:


This past week end we started training SL and GS. It was fun for the kids to test out their new skis for each discipline.

We have been working on balance drills on the SL skis, with flexed ankles and quick turns. Ask your child about hop turns.

In GS we worked on turn shapes and carving drills in the corridor.

The kids are very dedicated and working hard. Progress is apparent, after only two weeks.

If you have not yet been invited to view the Sprongo video site, please let your coach know. The site: https://sprongo.com/team/54659 already has video from the first weekend on free skiing turns and pole hopper drills on it.

This week according to the calendar: https://skiclubvail.org/programs/alpine/calendars/#ysl-team

Friday: Free skiing all Mt terrain 12:30- 3:30

Saturday: ski Beaver Creek and watch M’s World cup DH 9-3

Sunday: SL training on GP 12:30-3:30   free ski with family AM or watch 1st run of M’s GS at Beaver Creek with family and friends.

Looking ahead:

We are planning a YSL team x-mas potluck on Saturday the 21st after skiing.  If there is a family who has the room to host it, let me rmoore@skiclubvail.org know.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign up for the holiday camp on the 30th, 31st,1st and 2nd.  This camp is in addition to the regular YSL program.  https://skiclubvail.org/programs/alpine/summer-camps click on the YSL camp.

This camp is already on the December YSL calendar.

If you have questions regarding equipment or have a need for SL or GS skis, please contact your coach and we can see if there are older athletes selling their last year’s equipment. Please make sure your children have a proper GS/SL helmet. This helmet has to cover the ears with a hard shell. This will be your child’s racing helmet as well. For SL a chin guard can be attached separately with screws.

Thank you for all your support.

We are looking forward to another great week.

Think snow,

Rika Moore

Head YSL coach


C- 970 376-0153

Alpine YSL Updates-November 24, 2013

Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Parent meeting.
We are off to a superb start for the season. Great skiing on Golden Peak with a  wonderful group of kids.
The energy is high and we are skiing miles and miles of terrain and learning all kinds of new drills.
We working on balance skills.  We videod today. Please go to the Sprongo site and check out your child’s video.
https://sprongo.com/team/54659. You have all been invited to join the site. if not, please let me know. Coaches will be making comments on each video.

Below please find the contact groups and your child’s Primary coach.
You will be hearing from your contact coach via e-mail and phone call.
Trevor Harnsberger   tharnsberger@skiclubvail.org
Katie Haggerty            khaggerty@skiclubvail.org
Lad Lavicka                 llavicka1@skiclubvail.org
Ivan Strizenec              istrizenec@skiclubvail.org
Marty Slott                     mslott@skiclubvail.org

Please check the calendar for next week end’s schedule. Be sure to check “the details “.
Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving,
Your YSL coaches,

Rika Moore
Head YSL coach
C- 970 376-0153

Ivan Strizenec

Pixie Alfond

Ava Ballenger

Emile Creek

Alexandra Gonzales

Kiki Lettovska

Josie Levine

Callie Rounds

Marty Slott

Will Bettenhausen

Craig Ballenger

Nichlas Eggebrecht

Thomas Rodney

Charlie Decker

Paul Skok

Trevor Harnsberger  

Jorge Ballesteros

Sam Bolton

Christoph Sauter

Graham Spessard

Joshua Telles

Will Brown

Thomas Mars

 Katie Haggerty     

Lexi Linefelter

Gracie Rounds

Georgia Driscoll

Rosemary(Posie) Millett

Bloem Van Den Bergen

Abigal Ford

Elsie Hauser

Morgan Valent

Lad Lavicka       

Ellie Brown

Jane Geisman

Alyssa Hilb

Morgan Meyers

Grace Smith

Bess Daniel

Renata  AlverezLeon

Emma Calarco

Alpine YSL Updates-November 21, 2013

Dear YSL Athletes and Parents,

It’s snowing, yeah… and we need more of it.
As you know it’s opening week end for Vail Mt, starting tomorrow, Friday.
Do to large numbers expected on Vail Mt and only very limited terrain available to ski,  Vail Resorts has asked SSCV  to limit our skiing to Golden Peak race hill only.
Since that hill has many teams training on it, we have to reserve a lane to ski on.
I was able to reserve lanes for free skiing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
The lane are 2. 5 hr increments time wise.

On Friday we will free ski on Golden Peak at 112:30 to 3:30, with sharp waxed ski, doesn’t matter what type.
On Saturday and Sunday due to the reserved lane at 11:30 we will meet at the club outside on the snow at 11 AM. Pick up is the usual at 3:30.
Please make sure the skis, free skiing, GS or SL whatever you have ready, are sharp and waxed.
We are working on balance drills and the type of ski does not matter for this week end.
The calendar has been updated to reflect the changes.

The great news is:
We will train the following two Fridays and week ends as well during World Cup.
Please check the YSL calendar in the details for the type of training, what to bring and where to meet.

I hope to see you all at the Parent meeting this Saturday, the 23rd,  at 2 PM at SSCV.
We have groups made up and will make tweaks to the groups as necessary this weekend while skiing and evaluating skill levels. Then we will send out groups and contact coach information on Saturday afternoon.

Thank you for your flexibility,
Think snow,
Your coaches,
Ivan Strizenec, Lad Lavicka, Marty Slott, Katie Haggerty, Trevor Harnberger

Our face book page: SSCV YSL has been updated

Rika Moore
Head YSL coach
C- 970 376-0153
“Inspiring Character Growth and Excellence”