After a two year stint as Freestyle Director of the International Snowboard Training Center (ISTC), Ben Boyd has returned to Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) as Snowboard Program Director.

A snowboard teacher and coach since 1997, Ben began his career at Mt. Blue Cow, Australia. Starting in 2000, he worked for the Vail Snowsports School in the Devo program and after two years began the Snowboard Program at SSCV where he remained until 2009.

“I am super excited to be back at SSCV.” stated Boydy. “The club and Aldo were instrumental in the development of my career, and I have always considered it where my heart is. I feel that with the infrastructure and leadership that the club provides, as well its second to none partnership with Vail Resorts, we will create the best snowboard program and training center in the world. I am excited with the staff that we are able to offer to all our athletes, from our Pro riders all the way down to our young 6 year old rippers, who will help our athletes be the best athletes and people that they can be. As part of SSCV I look forward to proactively push, not only my sport of snowboarding, but as a member of the SSCV Management Team; all the winter disciplines. Its just so great to be home and I am beyond stoked!”

Having been part of developing young “groms” to USASA podiums, as well as, working with Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy 2010 Olympian Faye Gulini and other elite athletes such as JJ Thomas, Brett Esser and Brennen Swanson, Ben has throughout his career sought to get the best out of himself and all those he works with regardless of age or ability. “Boydy is one of the true professionals in Snowboard.” expressed SSCV Executive Director Aldo Radamus. “It is great to have Ben back with SSCV to influence the Snowboard Team and the club as a whole.” he continued. “Ben is widely respected in the Snowboard community for his knowledge, enthusiasm and most of all his caring and compassion for the kids.” concluded Radamus.

Formerly a competitive rugby player and surfer, Ben has also coached both sports and tennis in addition to Snowboard. He has led Australian and USA FIS World Junior teams, is a board member of USASA, a USCEC Trainer and Committee member and holds the AASI Full Certification and Trainers Accreditation. In 2008 as a coach at SSCV Ben was recognized by The United States Ski and Snowboard Association as the US Domestic Coach of the year for Snowboard.

Ben, wife Amanda and their 6 year old twins recently moved to Edwards where they will make their home.

Ben can be reached at SSCV or by email at