Steps to “Bring It On” in January

January is here so it is time  for the Epic “Month Long Bring It On” Scholarship Fundraiser.  Remember, we are only asking SSCV athletes to participate in this ONE scholarship fundraiser this season.  We are not selling holiday trees or raffle tickets this year so we would like EVERY SSCV athlete to participate in this fundraiser.

100% participation of $100 raised per athlete =
$50,000 or more in Scholarship Funds!

√ Step 1: Activate EpicMix
In order to participate in the Vertical Challenge portion you will need to activate your EpicMix account so that we can track your vertical.  To activate your EpicMix account click here to register.  You will need your pass number, pass holder first and last name, and pass holder birth date to register.  Additionally, you must raise a minimum of $50 to be counted in the Vertical Challenge!

√ Step 2: Sign Up
We need to know that you are participating so please register here (it should only take you a minute).  You will need to provide your name, contact coach, pass number and date of birth.

√ Step 3: Fundraise
You have 3 options to complete step 3.  The more money you raise, the more prizes (see below) you will earn and the more kids you will help!

Option 1 – Create you Personal Fundraising Webpage
1.   Read through the instructions below then visit our fundraising website here.
2.   Click SEARCH by “Find a Fundraiser to Support”, select your “Team Captain”/team.
3.   Once you are on your Team page click “Create Team Member Fundraising Page”.
4.   Create account.
5.   Enter a title and web address.  We suggest using your first and last name.
6.   Customize your page with a unique name or use your first and last name.
7.   Set your fundraising goal!
Once your page is set-up you can start fundraising!  Take note of your official page web address, that is the link that you will email to your family and friends.  We also encourage you to link your page on Facebook.
Option 2 – Direct Donors to your Team’s Page
1.   Visit our fundraising website here.
2.   Click SEARCH where it says “Find a Fundraiser to Support” to find teams/names.
3.   Select the athlete or the team you would like to support.
Option 3 – Fundraise in Person
If you wish to collect cash or check donations in person click here:
·  Make sure to have the donor fill out the donation slip completely and print clearly!
·  Get the cash/check in advance or have them donate online.
·  Collect your donations  (cash and checks) and put into an envelope.
·  Turn in your envelope into the club office anytime during January.

*If you have any difficulties creating your webpage or contributing online please contact Ann L’Esperance at 970-390-1535 or email at


Individual Fundraising Prizes
For each level that you reach, you will earn the following prizes!

Team Fundraising Prize

Vertical Challenge Prizes
You must raise a minimum of $50 to be in the running!

About the Epic “Month Long Bring It On”:
The athletes of each discipline will have a specific set of challenges set forth.  For example, alpine racers, mogul skiers, freeskiers, and snowboarders will participate in a Vertical Challenge where they will compete to ski the highest number of vertical feet for the entire month of January.Vertical mileage will be tracked with Vail Resort’s EpicMix and the participants who ski or ride the most vertical feet will win prizes. Nordic athletes will track the mileage they put in for the month of January through their monitors and by their coaches.  All athletes will be asked to collect pledges for their participation in the Vertical Challenge, making this a competition both on and off of the snow!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Emmy Hoyt at or 970.790.5122.

Bring It On!

Jennie Fancher, Ann L’Esperance, Amy Pates and Leslie Snyder
“Month Long Bring It On” Co-Chairs