Bonjour Les Parents,

News Flash! We just made a HUGE swing in our plans. We are flying back to the States tomorrow, November 19th.   We arrive in Denver at 7pm-ish tomorrow night.  Coach Justin Holder is picking us up at DIA with a van and a trailer.   We will drive to VSSA and unload there. I am guessing we will arrive at 9.30pm at night.  We are ALL on the same overseas flight.  This new flight departs Geneva (GVA) and arrives in Newark, NJ (EWR). From there we take a flight to Denver… we are in two groups heading to Denver.  See below.

The main reason for our early departure from France is due to a huge snowstorm that is coming. It is going to be over all of the alps: France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. Two meters of snow!  The resorts will be closed and we will not be able to train for several days. Also, it would be very hard to drive our cars in this snowstorm.  Therefore, we decided to leave instead of sit in our apartments and get #CabinFever

We accomplished some goals while here in France and we have our ski legs back. With snow finally arriving in Colorado and jumps just built at Breckenridge, it is a perfect time to come back and train on our home turf.   See you all soon!

United Airline


9.15a (GVA)—> 12.25p (EWR)




Milli, Sammy, E, Alli, John



Felix, Paula, Lennon, Broby


Connor —>going back to Cali!

We are packing now, cleaning our apartments, packing the vans. We will drive to Geneva airport early early morning