Immediately after competing in Aspen at the X-Games super pipe, Kaitlyn Farrington packed up her snowboard and headed out to Park City to compete in the FIS Grand Prix’ World Cup. Farrington, who trains with Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV), placed third in the event at Park City on Friday.

Kaitlyn’s “new school” style has been getting her noticed in the past few years. Her backside 900 is one of the smoothest out there. Last year Farrington took silver at X-Games and a gold at the European X-Games the year before.

During the World Cup, Farrington had a solid run starting with a backside 900, to a backside alley-oop 540, to a backside 540 tail grab, to a frontside 360, to a method, to a frontside 720 indy. “My front 9 was a little sketchy in my run, but what can you do? I don’t think I was riding my best, but I always have a good time at the Grand Prix’ and that’s really what snowboarding is about,” said Farrington.

Farrington is as tough as it gets in a sport that requires little fear. Just a few weeks ago Farrington broke her thumb and had to have surgery. Just days after surgery, she competed in the finals at X-Games. “I had surgery two Monday’s ago on my wrist and got my stiches out yesterday,” said Farrington.

With smooth well-linked runs, it is clear that she is a top contender in any top tier pipe competition. Her personality seems to be like that of her runs, relaxed. Farrington says she is not a serious person and that it’s nice to train in an environment where she can push herself yet feel relaxed about the training process. Stephanie Magiros, who also trains with SSCV, landed in 10th place in Park City; making it her first top ten finish at a World Cup.

Thanks to the great results at the World Cup competitions, Farrington is already qualified for the 2014 Olympics. The Burton U.S. Open is coming to Vail in less than a month and Farrington will undoubtedly be the girl to watch for.