Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s Broby Leeds rocked the halfpipe in the final Gatorade Free Flow tour of the season with a convincing win in Huntsville, UT.

Billed as the largest halfpipe in the world, 22 foot walls and 614 feet long, Leeds’ first drop into the two heat final was a tough run as he fell on his right 5 trick.  As if the pressure of competing in this huge pipe wasn’t enough, he had one run left to put it all together.

“The pressure to perform was even greater when he fell on his first run,” said coach Elana Chase.  “But Leeds found a new energy, and a tenacity that paid off.”

Leeds dropped in for his last run and took it down the pipe trick by trick.

“I was pretty nervous on my second run,” said Leeds.  “I wanted to make sure I had enough tricks and points to hopefully take the win, and I knew it would be a little risky.”

And the risk paid off.  Making it into the finals three times this season, Leeds took the victory with a nine hundred to alley-oop nine hundred, 720 tail to switch alley-oop 720, 540, right 540, and finished with his left 1080 tail grab.

“I was literally jumping for joy when he landed,” said Chase.  “I knew it was the winning run, and we could not be more proud and happy for him.”

With his win at the Gatorade Free Flow Finals, Leeds will make his professional debut at the Winter Dew Tour next season competing against the most talented athletes in the sport.

You can watch Leeds compete at Vail this Sunday, 2/19, in a USASA slopestyle contest on Golden Peak.