All is well here in France-land.  Since my last post, we have had a few days of high winds. Yesterday, we couldn’t go up to the glaciers. Instead, we motivated as a group and drove over to Val D’Isere.  This proved to be a worthwhile. The boys scoped out a spot before. So we loaded up the crew, the ski gear, my little avalanche shovel, a big shovel Sammy borrowed from a ski shop and off to jump town we went.  We drove through the switchbacks of a mountain road to the top of a scenic view with a church and lots of SNOW. There we all built a jump!   It was a cross between a road gap and a back country booted (with convenient roadside access, warm cars, and an audience of rubberneckers). Thanks to Paula and Allie for helping Spriggs and I build the jump.  The rest of the crew stepped the in-run and warmed-up on some fun natural features. Felix was our delivery service, transporting the crew back uphill.   Everyone had their roll and the mini booter session popped off!
Today, we were back on the glacier with yet another sunny day! However, we did meet some challenges with the havoc the wind wreaked overnight. Both venues were wind blown and hard.  However, much of the halfpipe crew and slope crew got work done.  Both Felix and Sammy were hammering down on their unnatural spins, which can be a very frustrating project. Kudos to both of them for pushing through!  The French team and I asked the Tignes mountain crew for more grooming work on the venues tonight. I hope to have an even better day tomorrow.