All athletes of the Ski & Snowboard Club Vail are welcome to buy Descente “Team Wear” clothing for delivery in fall of 2011. New this year are specific kids sizes of 4-14 to help fill the gap we have in our DNA Puffy Jacket line for youths and adults!

Download an order form here and email order to or fax to 970.476-7287
fill out an order form at SSCV by February 15th

In order to be able to take delivery of your favorite piece of clothing you will need keep the following in mind….
  1. Dscente/DNA provides all of our Pro Staff uniform each year at no cost to keep our staff looking good
  2. SSCV Athlete Team wear is available in limited colors and styles  in order to maintain good local retail business for Descente
  3. Samples are available only for color and style reference. Samples that we have on hand are all in medium size in men’s womens and kids styles
  4. Uniforms are optional at SSCV and this offerring is only intended to make the most functional, fashionable and fiscally responsible wear available to our athletes.
  5. Pay in full now and take delivery in the fall to ensure order is processed before February 15th*
*Late orders will not be processed for anyone that submits after 4pm on Tuesday February 15th.

The illustrations should very easily allow you to decide what you wish to purchase. When choosing a size it is always best to go up one size from what you anticipate needing. (smaller will never work and bigger almost always looks, feels and functions fine). No guarantees that even with samples that the sizing will be the same as the finished product so please order accordingly.
The savings on this 2011/2012 ski-wear outweighs any risk. Team pricing is being offered to you now so that you may take advantage of great gear that fits your needs fro next year.