Twenty Ski & Snowboard Club (SSCV) U10 Age Class alpine racers (birth year 2004 and 2005) travelled the five hours to Telluride for the U10 Championships.  Coaches Simon Marsh, Zane Palmer and Kim Salani were on hand to support these athletes.  The Giant Slalom races took place on Saturday, March 15 and the Slalom Races took place on Sunday, March 16.

These youngsters had a great showing in Telluride with the athletes in the top 10 coming from several different coaches’ groups, reflecting the depth and consistency throughout the SSCV program as well as the strength of its coaching staff.

Top 10 results are noted below.  For a complete list of results go to

Giant Slalom Girls Run 1

3rd – Phoebe Heaydon

4th – Kaitlin Keane

5th – Tianna Bruce

6th – Zoie Palmer

9th – Robin Pavelich

Giant Slalom Girls Run 2

2nd – Phoebe Heaydon

5th – Kaitlin Keane

6th – Tianna Bruce

8th – Kjersti Moritz

9th – Zoie Palmer

Giant Slalom Boys Run 1

2nd – Nick Kirwood

3rd – Cole Pattison

6th – Sebastian Kohlhofer

Giant Slalom Boys Run 2

2nd – Cole Pattison

3rd – Nick Kirwood

5th – Sebastian Kohlhofer

Slalom Girls Run 1

3rd – Phoebe Heaydon

5th – Tianna Bruce

6th – Robin Pavelich

7th – Zoie Palmer

Slalom Girls Run 2

3rd – Kaitlin Keane

4th – Phoebe Heaydon

5th – Tianna Bruce

8th – Robin Pavelich

Slalom Boys Run 1

3rd – Sebastian Kohlhofer

5th – Cole Pattison

Slalom Boys Run 2

3rd – Nick Kirwood

4th – Sebastian Kohlhofer

5th – Cole Pattison

7th – Hunter Salani

What a great job in Telluride from Ski & Snowboard Club Vail U10 athletes.

Photograph caption for above photo-Ski & Snowboard Club Vail U10 athletes made the long journey to Telluride to compete in the U10 Championships.

Front Row – Left to Right (Standing)

Tianna Bruce, Spencer Peterson, Nick Kirwood, Cole Pattison, Sebastian Kohlhofer

Seated on Wall – Left to Right

Kaitlin Keane, Phoebe Heaydon, Hunter Salani, Cricket Byrne

Standing at the back – Left to Right

Zoie Palmer, Simon Marsh, Stewie Bruce, Brady Malboeuf, Kim Salani