This past Sunday’s Head Rebel Youth Ski League Kombi event hosted by Ski & Snowboard Club Vail provided tons of fun for alpine racers ranging in age from 8 through 15. Competitors raced down Vail Mountain’s Black Forest, which included a series of small jumps and undulating terrain with multiple stubby slalom and giant slalom gates. The course aimed to promote transitions from short to longer turns to test the young athletes’ balance and tactics on the slopes.

The day’s events also included a Skills Quest Test-a United States Ski and Snowboard Association requirement to test the athletes skiing skills outside of the gates. The testing consisted of a straight run into a side-slip, edge set and pole plant. Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s Head Youth Ski League Coach Rika Moore shared, “Excitement has been building among our athletes throughout the season for this home Kombi. They were well prepared and ready to meet their competition, having worked hard at their free skiing skills in moguls for short turns as well as in gates.”

Top three results and all Ski & Snowboard Club Vail results are listed below.

Girls AM Race

1 Taylor Duel CLD

2 Amanda Stevens VDT

3 Ava Cavataio VDT

8 Josie Levine SSCV

9 Pixie Alfond SSCV

14 Penelope Lazar SSCV

17 Hadley Reed SSCV

19 Layah Foley SSCV

33 Alexandra Cleary SSCV

39 Eden Demino SSCV

45 Gracie Cohn SSCV

52 Caroline Lazar SSCV

62 Elle Guillot SSCV

Girls PM Race

1 Taylor Duel CLD

2 Abby Fennell CLD

3 Amanda Stevens VDT

7 Pixie Alfond SSCV

12 Josie Levine SSCV

20 Layah Foley SSCV

21 Penelope Lazar SSCV

22 Hadley Reed SSCV

39 Alexandra Cleary SSCV

42 Gracie Cohn SSCV

45 Eden Demino SSCV

55 Caroline Lazar SSCV

67 Elle Guillot SSCV

Boys AM Race

1 Alexander Viola SSCV

2 Jovian Borek SSCV

3 Xander Armistead VDT

5 Asher Silberman SSCV

11 Sean Conlon SSCV

13 Ross Bradbury SSCV

17 Yakov Foley SSCV

19 Garrett Leonard SSCV

21 Max Bradbury SSCV

24 Walker Hosea SSCV

25 Jack Lyons SSCV

27 Tommy Bartha SSCV

28 Jackson Cohn SSCV

30 Oliver Kullberger SSCV

35 Ashton Granger SSCV

36 Weston Roach SSCV

42 Ryder O’Connell SSCV

43 Mack Douglas SSCV

46 Finn Sullivan SSCV

48 Robert Lazar SSCV

60 Flynn Sinclair SSCV

64 Colby Saunders SSCV

Boys PM Race

1 Alexander Viola SSCV

2 Xander Armistead VDT

3 Jovian Borek SSCV

5 Sean Conlon SSCV

10 Yakov Foley SSCV

14 Ryder O’Connell SSCV

20 Walker Hosea SSCV

21 Max Bradbury SSCV

22 Garrett Leonard SSCV

26 Jack Lyons SSCV

28 Oliver Kullberger SSCV

30 Ashton Granger SSCV

36 Mack Douglas SSCV

37 Finn Sullivan SSCV

37 Jackson Cohn SSCV

39 Weston Roach SSCV

54 Colby Saunders SSCV

57 Robert Lazar SSCV

59 Flynn Sinclair SSCV

62 Rylan Sinclair SSCV