Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (“SSCV”) had an extraordinary year at the development and elite level across all sports. Under the leadership of Aldo Radamus, SSCV set the standard in the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s (“USSA”) new Club Certification program and is one of a small handful of clubs newly certified at the gold level. The overall 2014 USSA Club of the Year honor came on the heels of winning the award this year at the sport level in alpine, freesking, freestyle and snowboarding.  In addition, SSCV snowboard coach Elijah Teter was named the 2014 USSA Domestic Snowboard Coach of the Year.  These awards were presented at the 2014 USSA Awards Dinner in Park City on May 16.   SSCV had 12 current and alumni athletes compete at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

USSA named ten ski and snowboard clubs as its first podium certified clubs as part of its new club development program. The clubs were recognized on May 14 at the annual USSA Club Excellence Conference in Park City, UT.  SSCV was further recognized for its excellence in and focus on “professional development” in the certification presentation.  The podium level certification process involves a rigorous self-study and peer review of best principles and practices for ski and snowboard clubs. Each club had an on-site visit and review conducted by USSA High Performance staff and other leaders in the ski and snowboard club world.

When asked what he took most pride in related to SSCV’s receipt of the USSA Gold Certification distinction, John Cole, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Human Performance Director who spearheaded this 2+ year process, replied, “How much total collaboration among our staff and USSA was involved in the process.  This was the culmination of over two years of work from many people to make this happen.”

Asked if he thought this was a learning process for SSCV, Cole responded, “For as many successes as SSCV has experienced, the Gold Certification process provided the organization with additional knowledge on “best practices” at all levels from the youth program level to the board of trustee level, helping to ensure the long term growth and stability of SSCV.  It allowed us to learn valuable lessons which we will continue to build upon to benefit our community.  The Gold Certification status comes with an infrastructure for continued accountability to the USSA Gold Certification Committee to ensure ongoing compliance as well as evolution and growth in the areas identified during the process.”

Cole continued, “We were fortunate to have not only had numerous SSCV staff members actively involved in various components of the certification process, including Aldo Radamus, SSCV Executive Director, who was a member of the USSA Club Certification Task Force, but also SSCV volunteers Brad Ghent (SSCV Board Member) and Anne-Marie Keane (SSCV parent) who were actively involved in the internal audit.  SSCV also had the benefit of the expertise of Bob Devaney, a third party USSA Club Certification Consultant (USA Hockey) and Brian Krill, USSA Club Development Manager, both of whom were active participants in the SSCV club audit.”


  • Ten ski and snowboard clubs from around the country were awarded podium certification as part of the USSA’s new club development program.
  • USSA Club Development offers clubs a basic certification level as well as Bronze, Silver or Gold levels of certification.
  • Four additional USSA clubs are continuing to work through the certification process, including the Park City Ski Education Foundation, Park City Freestyle Ski Team and Utah Olympic Park Sports Club (all of Park City, UT) and the Squaw Valley Ski Team (Olympic Valley, CA).
  • An additional 20 clubs are on deck to start the process in the 2014-15 season.

Gold-Certified Clubs

Burke Mountain Academy (East Burke, VT)

Killington Mountain School (Killington, VT)

New York Ski Education Foundation (Wilmington, NY)

Stratton Mountain School (Stratton, VT)

Waterville Valley BBTS (Waterville Valley, NH)

Buck Hill Ski Racing Club (Burnsville, MN)

Ski &  Snowboard Club Vail (Vail, CO)

Rowmark Ski Academy (Salt Lake City, UT).

Silver-Certified Clubs

International Snowboard Training Center (Frisco, CO)

Sun Valley Ski Education Foundations (Sun Valley, ID)


Kirk Dwyer, Headmaster, Burke Mountain Academy

We wanted to be involved in part as it’s important to engage in the key initiatives of our governing organization.  I also believe the process was very productive for us as a program and especially for our new head alpine coach. You’ve done a great job of establishing a process, which balances looking outward and inward similar to the well-established accreditation for independent schools.

Brian Krill, USSA Club Development Manager

This is an exciting time for the USSA and its partnership with clubs. This process not only recognizes club excellence, but also gives a clear roadmap for all clubs to become stronger organizations. This is a strategic move for the USSA to support clubs, be a more club-based organization and better understand the challenges and opportunities that exist for clubs in every corner of the country.

Aldo Radamus, Executive Director Ski and Snowboard Club Vail

The certification process has made us a better organization and will drive continued improvement in all aspects of how we operate and serve our community.

Jon Nolting, USSA Sport Education Director

The process to achieve podium level certification was not easy for any of these clubs, but all the clubs found value in doing the work to complete the certification. The positive impact was not so much in the certification designation as it was in uncovering the true opportunities each club has to continue to deliver sustained excellence. These clubs all set a great example and offer excellent programming for their membership.

Luke Bodensteiner, USSA Vice President of Athletics

Working in closer partnership with our member clubs to recognize excellence and create a platform for continued improvement is the next frontier for our organization.  Our clubs are our sport’s biggest asset to athlete recruitment and development, and working and-in-hand with them to enhance their levels of achievement will transform the performance of our athletes and teams at all levels.

Rob Clayton, Executive Director, Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation

The resources available through club certification…to actually show some care down to the club level and give direction and professionalism and leadership in that regard to the overall institutional advancement of each club and organization is a really great service to be offered to us by USSA. To be a Best in the World club is to be a small part of the whole.

Krista Katz, Director of Advancement, Marketing and Communications, WVBBTS

Having participated in the first round of USSA Club certifications, we highly commend Brian Krill and his team for putting together a thorough and collaborative process that now forms the basis of a strong ongoing partnership to further the mutual goals of our development programs and the National Team’s objectives. We came away with a clearer, more strategically focused picture of BBTS through the presentation of our organization to USSA and our own self reflection. It was a valuable and informative process that we know will benefit our athletes, families and members.

Walt Evans, Director of Excellence, Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club

I had the privilege several years ago of working with many club, sport and industry leaders to initiate and envision this program. I am not only pleased, but impressed with the progress that has been made – it was exciting and inspiring to see the first certifications announced.