Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) qualified a large contingency of alpine racers to the Rocky Central U16 Regional Championships in Steamboat Springs this past week.  This series featured the top qualifying 1998 and 1999 birth year male and female alpine racers in the Rocky Central Region, a season long aspiration for all U16 racers.

SSCV Men’s Top Results

SSCV men took 6 of the top 10 places in Downhill and 5 of the top 10 places in Super G, Giant Slalom and Slalom.

Downhill: River Radamus 2nd, Jack Keane 3rd, Luke Vickerman 4th, Colby Lange 6th, Matt Macaluso 7th and Bridger Gile 10th.

Super G: River Radamus 1st, Colby Lange 3rd, Jack Keane 4th, Bridger Gile 6th and Kaison Lavicka 10th.

Giant Slalom: River Radamus 1st, Jack Keane 2nd and Bridger Gile 3rd for the podium sweep!  Kaison Lavicka 6th and Jacob Dilling 7th.

Slalom: Paul Cuthbertson 5th, Jacob Dilling 6th, Colby Lange 8th, Ryan Collins 9th and Matt Macaluso 10th.

SSCV Women’s Top Results

Downhill:  Luci Bailey 5th, Jennie Symons 8th, Nellie Talbot 9th and Jessica McMurtry 10th

Super G: Luci Bailey 3rd, Jess McMurtry 5th and Jennie Symons 6th

Giant Slalom: Luci Bailey 2nd

Slalom: Jennie Symons 4th

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The Next Step for the Top Performing U16 Athletes

Several of the top performing SSCV athletes are moving on to the U16 Nationals in Park City being held from March 28 – April 2, with the next group of performers qualifying for the Can Ams being held on March 20-25 in Apex British Columbia.

US 16 Nationals Qualifying Athletes

River Radamus, SSCV athlete training with the National Training Group,  along with SSCV athletes Paul Cuthbertson, Ryan Collins, Jack Keane, Bridger Gile, Colby Lange, Jessica McMurtry,  Jennie Symons, Nellie Talbot, and Luci Bailey are heading off to this event where the top U16 qualifying athletes from around the country will gather.

Can Am Qualifiying Athletes

SSCV’s Luke Vickerman, Jacob Dilling, Kaison Lavicka, Matt Macaluso and Katelin Hennum are Canada bound.

SSCV is extremely proud of all of its athletes who qualified to represent the team at these prestigious follow-on events in Park City and Apex.