This past Thursday, February 11, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail hosted the fourth of the six-part Vail Summit Orthopaedics Alpine Town Series on Golden Peak.  Featuring a Giant Slalom course, local athletes competed against one another on a warm, spring-like afternoon.  Under blue skies, competitors on alpine and telemark skis as well as snowboards vied for a podium finish. Following the event, competitors met at The Red Lion in Vail for awards and an après party.  It’s not too late to sign up for the Vail Summit Orthopaedics Alpine Town Series and race against other local snow sport athletes on February 18 and March 24.  For details go to under the events tab.  See Thursday’s complete list of individual results below.

Women’s Alpine

1 Carling Delaney

2 Marta Wolfe

3 Angela Kettenger

4 Rose Quinn

5 Debbie Lathram

6 Sharie Grant

7 Natasha Loyd

8 Carrie Wild

9 Celinda Parent

10 Louise Adielson-Guichet

Women’s Snowboard 

1 Amy Powel

l2 Angela Werner

3 Angela Muzic

Men’s Alpine Pro 

1 Sean Delaney

2 Ben Roy

3 Mike Fairbrother

4 Franz Fuchsberger

5 Sam Ricker

6 Martin Bell

7 Ted Johnson

8 Kevin Hochtl

9 Jake Schwaiger

10 Mike Hannigan

11 Erik Dorf

12 Jim Glendining

13 Nate Smith

14 Eric Lee

15 Mitch Whiteford

16 Nate Cafferky

Men’s Alpine Sport 

1 John Rice

2 Steve Wallace

3 Peter Cohn

4 Chris Wirkler

5 Matthew Casolo

6 Simone Reatti

7 John Lilyquist

8 John Negomir

9 Roger Fang

10 Keith Powell

11 Forbes Fuller

12 Ainsworth Moncrieffe

13 Randy Braden

14 Darrell Chavez

15 Barry Parent

16 Alexandre Guichet

17 John Yapundich

Men’s Telemark 

1 Loren Dumont

2 Mark Houston

3 Jake Wurth

Men’s Snowboard 

1 Patrick Porsche

2 Jo Mon

3 Bryan Hutch

4 Austin Groszewski