Ho ho ho… here we go!  The first weekend of Rookie Team is in the books!

First Day of Rookie Team is in the books. Phew! It has been a fun and an action packed weekend with many moving details.  Friday night, then Saturday and now it is a Sunny Sunday!

Thank you to everyone that attended the “Meet & Greet” meeting on Friday night;  parents, athletes, coaches, grandparents and babysitters!

Yesterday we started with groups based on all the information we gathered. Soon after we turned on our walkie talkies and starting swapping athletes to fine tune the groups. By the end of the day, everyone had a good day with only a few changed in groups needed as we headed into Sunday morning.  I want to thank everyone for understanding that it takes a few days to learn about all the kids’ personality, ages, the dynamics, their interests, social network, comp interests and skill levels.

Things not mentioned at meeting:

Lunch? We eat on the mountain. WE do not come back to SSCV for a brown bag lunch. Having a sandwich in their pocket, resort charge, or money in the athlete’s pocket is the best option. We prefer the athletes do not ski with a backpack, unless there are medical reasons.

Medical? Let us know if you son or daughter has any ailments that we should be aware of.

Epic Mix? If you set up an account, you can follow (track) your kids on the mountain through Epic Mix.

Uniform? This team does not have team jackets, but you can talk to Meg if you really really want one 🙂

Information? Primary sources of information are:

  1. Program description
  2. Rookie Team Calendar
  3. Team Sign Up Form
  4. Our emails that we send you each night after skiing.

Holiday training?

If you are wondering about the upcoming holidays: Please review calendar for Rookie Team. Click on any item for more information.



*if a child has goals to participate is some local competitions, ie Vail, Copper, Breck, Sunlight and et etcetera please review the events that we have chosen as ‘appropriate’ for a Rookie Teamers – click on Rookie Team calendar link.  https://skiclubvail.org/programs/freeski/calendars/#rookie-weekends

For competitions, athletes need to complete Team Sign Up form online (its free) and also pay the competition Registration Fee online. Complete this for each event chosen and we can help you with the rest of the details.

Freeski Team Sign Up Link for competitions

The freeski home page has information about Big Mountain and

Park & Pipe


Ski & Snowboard Club Vail

Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy

m: 860.227.5940

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USSA Freeski Club of the Year 2014

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