Vail, CO  February 2, 2023  Ski & Snowboard Club Vail has at its core values Character, Courage and Commitment – the 3C’s.  These values are always at the forefront of everything its staff imparts on and expects of its athletes both on and off snow.  This month SSCV honors Severin Richaud as its 3C January Athlete Award Winner and Brad Kreuz as its 3C January Staff Award Winner.

3C January 2023 SSCV Athlete Award Winner – Severin Richaud

Severin Richaud is a full-time high school athlete within the SSCV Snowboard program. Below is his nomination:

Coming from our neighbors in Summit County, Severin has adapted very well to this new environment and new classmates/team. Throughout dryland training Sevs has demonstrated the core values of the club and the 3C standard, without even knowing it existed. His COMMITMENT to the club, others, and himself is demonstrated daily with his drive to work out harder, jump higher, and put in more than just the effort. He works hard every day to better himself and his snowboarding. This is very impressive to see. He is never shy, never intimidated, and always kind and respectful.  He is always ready to work hard and snowboard harder. These things show everyday in his CHARACTER. Being respectful to his coaches and peers, Severin has proven that he has what it takes to be a part of the club and the school.  He always listens and works hard to perform the workout, drill, or trick. He has kept his grades up and his spirit soaring. He is always staying focused on his goals with his snowboarding and in school. All of this takes COURAGE to succeed. Severin shows his courage to become an all around better snowboarder and person every day we are out there. When some kids might want to stop and take a break during a workout, Sevs is there sweating and pushing himself and never giving up. Seeing a kid almost come to tears because he is pushing his physical limits during a workout and seeing him push himself to learn more and ride harder is all very impressive.

The following SSCV athletes have achieved the honor of being nominated for SSCV’s January 3C Athlete Award:

Tyler Ciluzzi

Brooklyn DePriest

Margaret Gustafson

Oliver Jones

Keira Lahiff

Rohan Naidu

Mack Smith

Fletcher Taylor

3C January 2023 SSCV Staff Award Winner – Brad Kreuz

Brad Kreuz is the SSCV Head Mogul Development Coach.  Brad received two separate nominations for the 3C January 2023 SSCV Staff Award reflected below.

Despite sustaining a season-ending injury in November, Brad has done whatever he could with his limited mobility to continue coaching and supporting his team of bump skiers. As soon as possible after his surgery he made sure to be a constant presence in the clubhouse so that he could be there for the kids before and after training, and his genuine concern and commitment for their ongoing development continues to be a huge asset for his team.

Not only is Brad an amazing mogul coach but he genuinely cares so much about our kids. Despite his injury this year, he continues to push the kids to do their best in a very positive, kind, caring manner.

A number of SSCV staff received the honor of being nominated for SSCV’s January 3C Staff Award:

Rob Bak

Betsy Cuthbertson

Scott Houser

Gavril Hristov

Dylan Kobriger

Miha Kurner

Eric Pepper

Dolly Schaub

Kevin Sundheim

Ryan Wilson

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