In alignment with its continued diligence in guarding against the exposure to and spread of COVID-19, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail has entered into a long term annual campaign sponsorship arrangement with Environmental Applied Technology Corporation as its exclusive supplier of Clean Supply hand sanitizer and multi-surface cleaning products.  These United States manufactured products which are formulated with eighty percent ethyl alcohol, are Food and Drug Administration approved and meet all World Health Organization requirements in killing harmful germs and bacteria, including battling the spread of COVID-19.  Environmental Applied Technology Corporation is providing these products at no charge to Ski & Snowboard Club Vail as well as samples to SSCV athletes and competitors in parallel with providing very generous support to the Club’s Annual Campaign for the next three years.

SSCV Executive Director Kirk Dwyer said, “We are extremely appreciative of this very synergistic relationship with Environmental Applied Technology Corporation as well as their commitment to making the Club a philanthropic priority during these unprecedented times.  Knowing that we have access to these products to battle the spread of COVID-19 protects the SSCV community, and in turn the community-at-large, which is of utmost importance to us.  Our primary goal as an organization this season is to provide the youth of the Vail Valley with a healthy, outdoor, socially distanced environment where they can pursue their passion for snow sports and reap the benefits of the ensuing life lessons while fulfilling an inherent need for these youngsters to have meaningful connections in an otherwise isolating time.”

Environmental Applied Technology Corporation and Clean Supply Co Chief Executive Office Andrew Soulakis said, “In alignment with our corporate mission to create a more sustainable, environmental and healthy global future, we could not be prouder to support the Ski & Snowboard Club Vail community, and in turn the community-at-large, in remaining healthy through product donations to SSCV.  As the parent of two SSCV athletes, I rest easier knowing that not only my children, but those around them while at SSCV, have this added level of protection against COVID-19 through the use of our Clean Supply products.  We are also thrilled to support SSCV’s mission which benefits the youth of our community long after their years at SSCV by donating to the SSCV Annual Campaign.”