Vail, Colo. April 7, 2022 – This past week, many of the top ranking U16 athletes in the nation gathered in Sugarloaf for the US Ski & Snowboard U16 National Championships.  SSCV proudly put forward 15 qualifying athletes and one additional invited athlete for this prestigious competition, more than any other club in the Rocky/Central Region.  SSCV displayed grit and determination at U16 Nationals,  grabbing 12 podiums, including the overalls, and  31 top ten placements across the several days of competition. Among the many SSCV highlights at U16 Nationals, the SSCV men swept the podium in the Super G.  In addition, for the overalls, SSCV men grabbed four out of five of the top five placements, capturing 50% of the top 10 overall spots, with Stewie Bruce and Alex Krupka on the overall podium in first and second place, respectively.  The SSCV women  snagged two of the top 10 overall spots.  More details below.

The U16 Nationals in Sugarloaf is an opportunity for U16 athletes (year of birth 2006-2007) to compete on a national stage among top level athletes in their age group. To compete at this event, competitors  must race well in the SYNC qualifier events throughout the season to potentially qualify for the Rocky/Central U16 Junior Championships in Steamboat Springs, and from there athletes can qualify for U16 National Championships in Sugarloaf. Racing in this competition is no easy feat. The competition consisted of a men’s and women’s SkillsQuest and Freeski evaluation on April 2nd, men’s and women’s super-G on April 3rd, men’s and women’s giant slalom on April 4th, men’s and women’s slalom on April 5th, and men’s and women’s parallel on April 6th. 

“Sugarloaf hosted an amazing event in coordination with the US Alpine Development Staff. We had great conditions that challenged the athletes. It was by far the biggest test of technical ability all season,” said Ian Dunlop, SSCV Alpine Men’s U16 Head Coach. “We knew we had a strong and talented team coming into the event, however, the results the boys showed were simply unprecedented. To have 5 different athletes on the podium in the 4 different individual events is outstanding. We’re so proud of the way they skied and competed. We’re equally as proud of the team they’ve become over the season. We look forward to seeing what the older athletes are capable of doing in the next chapter of their ski racing and excited to get back to work for next season with the skiers who remain U16s.”

“The U16 Nationals at Sugarloaf proved a worthy test for the seven SSCV girls competing here this week,” said Adam Chadbourne, SSCV Alpine Women’s Head U16 Coach. “The Narrow Gauge competition hill is one of the hardest, steepest, and roughest tracks in the States. Throughout the three events contested thus far, our girls put together some truly impressive results. Though plagued by more DNFs than we would have liked in GS and SL, the Vail women displayed incredibly strong fundamental skiing skills.”

“They charged hard and were gunning for wins, which is exactly what the coaching staff asked of them. Overall results were mixed but our superior strength and depth showed through this week. I am super proud of this team and how they’ve supported one another all season long; and particularly here at the National Championships. The future is bright for SSCV!”

SSCV Alpine Program Director Brad Wall stated, “This is invaluable experience for the young athletes to compete at Sugarloaf which is a regular stop for all major championships as they progress through their ski racing careers. At some stage many of them will stand at the top of Sugarloaf with a US Ski Team qualification result on the line, and so this U16 Nationals experience will prove invaluable over time.”

Below are podiums and top SSCV 10 results, along with the SSCV  top 20 overall results: 

U16 National Championships – Women’s Overall Results: 

1 – Abby Olson – SSP 

2 – Stella Buchheister – SUM 

3 – Mollie McTigue – SSP 

6 – Nicole Begue – SSCV 

10 – Maizy Douglas – SSCV

11 – Solveig Moritz – SSCV 

U16 National Championships – Men’s Overall Results: 

1 – Stewart Bruce – SSCV

2 – Alex Krupka – SSCV

3 – Jevin Palmquist – SUM 

4 – Henry Andrie – SSCV

5 – Oliver Helland – SSCV

8 – Miko Lewis – SSCV 

17 – Tyler Hopkins – SSCV 

U16 Championships – Women’s SkillsQuest and Freeski Combined – April 2, 2022: 

1 – Emma Quang Lenoel – CR

2 – Nicole Begue – SSCV 

3 – Autumn Rhodes Ellingford – TPT

4 – Abby Olson – SSP

6 – Maizy Douglas – SSCV 

6 – Viktoria Zaytseva – SSCV 

9 – Solveig Moritz – SSCV 

U16 Championships – Men’s SkillsQuest and Freeski Combined – April 2, 2022: 

1 – Stewart Bruce  – SSCV 

2 – Adrian Beauregard – SSP 

3 – Alex Krupka – SSCV 

6 – Henry Andrie – SSCV 

U16 Championships – Women’s Super-G – April 3, 2022: 

1 – Mollie McTigue – SSP

2 – Nicole Begue – SSCV 

3 – Sophia Falter – MSSRT

7 – Sage Sappenfield – SSCV 

10 – Anika Jobson – SSCV 

U16 Championships – Men’s Super-G – April 3, 2022: 

1 – Alex Krupka – SSCV

2 – Bruce Stewart – SSCV

3 – Henry Andrie  – SSCV 

10 – Oliver Helland – SSCV

U16 Championships – Women’s Giant Slalom – April 4, 2022: 

1 – Mollie McTigue – SSP 

2 – Stella Buchheister – SUM 

3 – Aura-Liesl Wieser – FSC 

8 – Solveig Moritz – SSCV 

U16 Championships – Men Giant Slalom – April 4, 2022: 

1 – Thaddeus D’Andrea – OMS

2 – Oliver Helland – SSCV 

3 – Maximus Sotiriadis – BMA 

4 – Bruce Stewart – SSCV 

5 – Tyler Hopkins – SSCV

7 – Hunter Peterson – SSCV

U16 Championships – Women’s Slalom – April 5, 2022: 

1 – Abby Olson – SSP 

2 – Stella Buchheister – SUM

3 – Noelle Roth – SSP

8 – Maizy Douglas – SSCV 

U16 Championships – Men’s Slalom – April 5, 2022: 

1 – Jevin Palmquist – SUM 

2 – Miko Lewis – SSCV

3 – Stewart Bruce  – SSCV 

4 – Henry Andrie – SSCV 

6 – Alex Krupka – SSCV

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