Vail, Colo. January 10, 2022 – This past weekend, mogul skiers gathered  in Vail for the first RQS and DEVO Rocky Mountain Freestyle series competitions of the season. SSCV athletes established themselves at home with multiple top 10 placements throughout the different age classes and competition levels. 

The first day of the Rocky Mountain Freestyle competition was an RQS (Rocky Qualifier Series) event. This level of competition is a stepping stone between the other two series, DEVO and COMP, allowing mogul athletes ages 11 and older as of December 31 who are not competing in the DEVO or COMP series to compete in a 2-jump timed competition. 

 For the SSCV males at the RQS competition, Casey Wannamaker came in eighth, and Michael Pence grabbed ninth for the U15. Riley McGuire took seventh, Lucas Dispense snagged eighth, and Nico Pierangeli took ninth for the U15. For the U13s, Alexander Stewart placed fifth, with Casey Wannamake finishing eighth and Michael Pence in ninth. Notably, Mica Torres came in 15th overall as a U11 male. As for the females, Elle Keenan came in ninth for U15 and Tyler Minnick rounded out the top ten in 10th for U13. 

The second day of the Rocky Mountain Freestyle Competition was the DEVO (Rocky Development Series) competition. This level of competition provides the opportunity for younger mogul athletes to begin their competition experience in an age appropriate realistic format. SSCV athletes achieved six  top 10’sthroughout the different age groups. 

For the SSCV females at the DEVO competition, Stella Mcguire snagged fourth place in the U11 class, and Isabella Matteo grabbed an impressive second place in the U13 class. As for the males, Remy Trujillo took eighth, and Matteo Dispense took ninth for the U11.  Aidan O’Shaughnessy took second place in the U13, and Oscar Trujillo came in first for U15. 

Next up in Vail will be the ​​Rocky Mountain Freestyle COMP Series Moguls and Dual Moguls competitions on January 22 and January 23, 2022, respectively in Vail. 

“It’s great to see our athletes out for the first competition of the season on home turf,” said Brad Kruez, SSCV Head Mogul Development Coach. “SSCV’s mogul program will continue to flourish, with our athletes training  hard and competing fiercely.” 

Many thanks go out to SSCV mogul bib sponsors and Ski Base Ski & Snowboard Shop.

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