To all of our SSCV Membership-

SSCV is proud to announce a new and exciting partnership that will provide a great benefit to our membership. SSCV has partnered with Global Rescue to provide industry leading medical advisory support, coordination and evacuation services for all of our athletes who travel and train outside of the state of Colorado. This service, which is the industry standard in off-site medical care, is utilized by the US Ski and Snowboard Teams and numerous other snow sports organizations around the US, and is now available at a discount to all SSCV athletes.

As you know, the number one focus at SSCV is on the health and safety of your athletes. There always exists the risk of injury that requires immediate response and action to ensure the safety of the athletes. With Global Rescue, in the event of an emergency, our coaching staff can utilize a three-digit access number from anywhere in the world to immediately and easily begin the process of assistance for the athlete in need. By signing up with SSCV, Global Rescue can customize protocols for our athletes utilizing their medical staff in addition to our already established partnerships with The Steadman Clinic and Vail-Summit Orthopaedics.

This partnership with GR fills a need we have to provide the same level of  “on-the-spot” coverage you have come to expect from us when our athletes are in the state of Colorado. This allows us to provide consistent injury protocols to our valued membership whether at home or away. This service is presently utilized by 75% of our comparable programs like Stratton Mountain School, Rowmark Academy and Squaw Valley in addition to being required for all Burke Mountain Academy and Green Mountain Valley School athletes.

Effective November 15, 2013, SSCV athletes traveling outside of Colorado for training and competition will be required to have an Annual Global Rescue policy in addition to their required health insurance. The Medical policy is required, the Security policy is optional.

This service is also available for families of SSCV. This will provide not just your athletes but all members of your family coverage should you choose to travel outside of Colorado for vacation, business or any other reason. It is a great opportunity to get the peace of mind of medical assistance anywhere in the world at anytime at the touch of a button.

The Global Rescue organization has offered 5% discount pricing to our membership per our partnership agreement. To learn more about this incredible opportunity and great service, please go to: and explore the website.

To sign up, please go to and go to “Types of Plans”.   Our athletes under the age of 18 will sign up as a “Student”.  Age 18 and older adults will be signing up as an “Individual”. The “Family” option is there as well. When enrolling, you will eventually be prompted during checkout with a discount code box or “CDC” box. Insert “VailSki” into the box to receive your discounted service rate.

If you already have a Global Rescue membership, please provide a copy of the valid membership card to Maria in the office or by email to or fax to 970-476-7287.  Please direct any questions or inquiries to me at

Thanks to our new partners at Global Rescue and their support staff in providing a safer and more secure environment for our athletes to achieve their dreams!

John (JC) Cole CSCS*D RSCC

Director of Human Performance

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail