Fresh off of their podium sweep in Park City last weekend, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s (SSCV) U14 team headed down to Eldora to compete in the Bolle Age Class race to sweep again. SSCV’s U10 through U14 racers headed down to Eldora to compete in the two-day Bolle Age Class and had outstanding results.

The slalom event provided these young racers an opportunity to compete against some of the best in their division. As these racers establish their bearings, they look to the near future where they will be competing in FIS races and beyond.

By having a large group of athletes in the SSCV program, these athletes have to compete against smaller teams and don’t compete directly against other large teams such as Steamboat or Aspen. The only time these racers will compete against the larger teams is during the Championships at the end of the season. Nevertheless, these races serve as precursors to those championships.

“It started out bright and beautiful for the first race of the Age Class race in Eldora. Soon after the first run the sky opened up and started snowing heavily and the winds picked up but that didn’t stop the SSCV racers from dominating,” says SSCV’s head U14 coach Brett Borgard.

Race one proved successful for both the boys and the girls. The girl’s race kicked off first. With over 100 racers in the event, SSCV did well taking the top eight out of ten. Coming off of a first place win in New Mexico in a Rocky Mountain Division Race, Dylan Fiore won race number one of the day. In second, beating numerous older racers was SSCV’s U12 racer Allie Resnick. Following resnick were her teammates Cleo Braun in third, Gretchen Pavelich in fourth, Kendra Hoyt in fifth, Kaitlyn Harsch in sixth, Caroline Jones in seventh, and Emma Hall in eighth.

The boys proved to be just as successful for SSCV in race one and also took the top eight with Flinn Lazier winning followed by Brendan Keane in second, Benjamin Kooiman in third, Max Bervy in fourth, Henry Heaydon in fifth, Fletcher Holm in sixth, Michael Resnick in seventh, and Burke Francher in eighth.

Race two brought more absurdly dominant results with the local Vail girls taking the top 11 places and the boys taking the top 15 places. Cleo Braun was the real winner in Saturday’s second race. As a U12 racer Braun out skied all of the older U14 racers. Braun is clearly a dominant slalom force. Following Braun were her teammates Gretchen Pavelich in second, Dylan Fiore in third, Kendra Hoyt in fourth, Samantha Trudeau in fifth, Emma Hall in sixth, Taylor Brandt in seventh, Zoe Braun in eighth, Anneli Holm in ninth, Zoey Livran in 10th, and Elise Viola in 11th. With a time difference of 6.28 seconds between the number one SSCV racer and Eldora’s 12th place finisher Claire Holleman, it’s easy to say this was more than a sweep.

The top 15 boys from SSCV put down incredibly quick times in the second slalom race of the day. Jacob Dilling skied to a first place win, matching his win in Park City last weekend. Colby Lange in raced to second, Brendan Keane was third, Gus Leblanc was fourth, Benjamin Kooiman was fifth, Henry Heaydon was sixth, Tucker Strauch was seventh, Preston O’Brien was eighth, Max Bervy was ninth, Peer Carnes was 10th, Keelan Woodard was 11th, Mathew Macaluso was 12th, Michael Resnick was 13th, Chadwick Mulligan was 14th, and Peter Littman was 15th.

Sunday’s races in Eldora were just as outrageous and results can be seen on While these athletes were down on the Front Range, the other half of their team was racing a bit closer to home. The Youth Ski League slalom race took place on Sunday with athletes from U8 through U16 racing. It was SSCV’s U12 athlete Jack Lewis that out performed the rest of the field. Brody Cyphers from SSCV placed second followed by his teammate Tyler Webert in third on the boy’s side of the slalom competition. The girls almost had the podium sweep with Campbell Sullivan in first and Bloem Van Den Berg in third.

The adept SSCV racing force has been dominating all other clubs this season and it seems there is no stopping their perfect performances anytime soon.