Back for its third season, the Burton Qualifier Final in Seven Springs, Penn. is the culminating event of the national rail jam series. The tour features stops all of the U.S. and Canada with the winner from each stop earning an invite to the Pennsylvania finale. Dylan Okurowski and Jack Coyne each qualified in Utah earlier this season.

As of this year, SSCV is three-for-three in the 15-and-under division, with Okurowski winning the contest the first year and Coyne now earning back-to-back wins. Okurowski, this year, competed in the Open Event with some very heavy riders, says coach Brady McNeil.

“Dylan was able to do his thing and pick off creative tricks on every feature where some dudes were just going for really big and gnarly tricks,” said McNeil. “Dylan hit everything and showed the judges great style and was able to put himself into second place, taking home a nice check in the process.”