BONGPYEONG, South Korea — Elana Chase met both Torin Yater-Wallace and Alex Ferreira when they were about 8 years old, when she was a coach as Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club.

Ferreira was a impeccably polite boy who walked up and introduced himself. The kid couldn’t get enough of the trampoline.

She met Yater-Wallace on a chairlift. He was already a confident free-rider who “skied with purpose.” When she pictures Yater-Wallace as a kid, she pictures him with a cast on his hand — it seemed like he was always breaking something.

The common denominator was that they loved to ski. And they always showed up to training — for park, for powder, for whatever — because they loved to ski.

“They showed up and showed up and showed up,” said Chase, who now lives in Vail and is director of the freeski program at Ski & Snowboard Club Vail.