At SSCV we strive to be a consistently positive partner with Vail Resorts, which provides unparalleled support for our programs.  With the kick-off of the season we wanted to share with new SSCV families and staff and recap for returning families and staff SSCV’s “Expect More” initiative, an evolution made possible via the support of SSCV parents, athletes and staff.  We ask for your support in continuing to strengthen SSCV’s partnership with Vail Resorts by making sure SSCV athletes and staff are the very best they can be each and every day in the coming season.

By way of background, although our staff and athletes generally conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner on the mountain, we continue to seek out opportunities to make sure everyone is at their very best every day whether they are on Vail Mountain or visiting another mountain, taking an increasingly proactive approach to prevent issues from arising.

SSCV’s “Expect More” initiative is a call to action for everyone at the club, staff and athletes alike, to strive towards exemplary, rather than simply acceptable, behavior and conduct on the mountain.  As part of the “Expect More” initiative, SSCV leaders including SSCV Executive Director Aldo Radamus, Human Performance Director John Cole, Operations Director CB Bechtel and General Manager Mike Trueblood spend time communicating with SSCV staff and athletes both off and on the hill.  SSCV has also established a consistent presence at Golden Peak and other venues on Vail Mountain to encourage exemplary behavior in slow zones, lift lines, key areas such as Mid Vail and on the chairlifts.

SSCV leaders spend time observing SSCV training groups, working to recognize outstanding performances and providing friendly reminders, when, for example an athlete might forget to place the comfort bar down on the chairlift.  We want to make sure to set the expectations at the start of this season, as was the case last season, that instances of not following the expectations could result in consequences such as lost training time.

The SSCV team has also worked hard to reach out to Vail Resorts personnel at the corporate level as well as from Ski Patrol and Mountain Safety as a part of this initiative. In keeping these communication lines open, a Vail Resorts representative presented to SSCV staff during full-time and part-time staff education sessions during the past month. This enabled SSCV to learn more about the challenges faced by Vail Resorts in general and Ski Patrol and Mountain Safety in particular, when the “Expect More” expectations are not met by our staff and athletes.

As we look to the start of the new season we are excited to continue partnering with SSCV parents, athletes, staff and the Vail Resorts team to assure that the “Expect More” initiative inspires everyone to be the very best they can be at all times.  We want everyone to achieve all of their goals for the season and avoid the need for SSCV to impose consequences on staff or athletes for non-compliance.

We ask that you please take a few minutes to remind your children in their role as ambassadors of Ski & Snowboard Club Vail of the importance of the following, not only at Vail Mountain, but at each and every mountain they visit:

  • Adhere to attentiveness and controlled speed, with the flow of traffic, in slow zones.
  • Respect lines and ropes in all areas of the mountain, including closures and boundaries, and in lift lines.
  • Place the comfort bar down on every lift ride.
  • Store skis, poles and boards in designated areas while in a lodge.

Thank you for your continued support!  Here’s to another great season at SSCV!