Terms & Conditions – SSCV Financial Policy, Colorado Discount Eligibility and Volunteer Requirement

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the oldest nonprofit in the Vail Valley. As a nonprofit organization, SSCV raises approximately 20% of its annual operating budget through fundraising events, competitions, grants and tax-deductible donations. The remaining 80% of the budget is income earned from program fees and other items that go directly to SSCV’s operating costs.

Since program fees only pay for approximately 65% of the total cost of the programs offered by SSCV, the club has always had a pay before you play philosophy. The following is a summary of the financial policy at SSCV. Please see the SSCV Parent-Athlete Handbook for more information.

It is understood that by registering for any SSCV program, all program fees are due and payable at the time of enrollment. All families are required to submit a credit card on file and authorize SSCV to charge this card in the event of non-payment.

Pursuant to section 5-2-212, Colorado Revised Statutes, SSCV will assess a 2% convenience fee for any payments made by credit card in order to help cover the cost of processing a credit or charge card transaction.

Refunds of SSCV athletic program fees are considered for season-ending injuries only. This season-ending injury refund assumes complete withdrawal from all SSCV programming including any Strength & Conditioning services at the Minturn Fitness Center or elsewhere. There are no refunds for voluntary withdrawal, dismissals or absence for any other cause or reason. There are no refunds for academic related fees such as the VSSA Academic Coaching Fee. Please see the SSCV Parent-Athlete Handbook for details.

Parents and/or participants are responsible for paying all travel expenses incurred with SSCV and the credit card on file will be charged if travel expenses are not paid in a timely manner.

Delinquent accounts for program fees, travel or other expenses will be subject to athlete suspension from all SSCV programming. Finance charges of 1% on any balance over 30 days past due will accrue monthly. Any seriously delinquent accounts may be subject to potential collections processes. Please see the SSCV Parent-Athlete Handbook for more information regarding past due accounts.

In recognition of the fact that SSCV draws the majority of its support from the local community and throughout the state of Colorado, a financial discount is offered to state of Colorado residents. Additionally, scholarships are available based on financial need.

Non-Resident Program Fee (Non-Discounted)

The Non-Resident Fee represents the total cost of providing each respective SSCV program. This fee is available to any SSCV participant, without restriction. This fee applies to any participant who does not qualify for the Colorado State Resident Fee, or to any that prefer to pay the non-discounted costs of the programs.

Colorado State Resident Fee (Discounted)

The Colorado State Resident Fee is available to anyone whose immediate family owns or rents their primary home in Colorado. 

Volunteer Requirement for All SSCV Families

As the oldest nonprofit in the Vail Valley, SSCV relies heavily on the generosity of hundreds of volunteers who give thousands of hours to help with competitions, fundraising and various club tasks and events. SSCV cannot exist without the incredible support and dedication of all our members and friends. The work and dedication of our volunteers is essential to SSCV’s ability to host events and offer quality programming at the most affordable cost possible.

For these reasons SSCV requires all families to complete a predetermined amount of volunteering through various duties/jobs during the period of June 1 through May 31. There are numerous opportunities both on and off the snow throughout the year. Click here for the 2023-2024 volunteer points details. The number of points required per family is based upon the athlete’s program (if your family has multiple athletes, your requirement will be that of the program with the highest number of points). Your volunteer points family balance (established after registration) and sign-ups for volunteer opportunities are accessed via your MySSCV account.

For more information on your volunteer requirement, point balances and on-snow volunteer opportunities, please contact SSCV Club Manager Land Collioure Le Coq at llecoq@skiclubvail.org. For more information about off-snow volunteer activities, please contact Development & Events Manager Liz Filipowicz at lfilipowicz@skiclubvail.org.

Failure to meet your obligation could result in an evaluation of your family’s fit with the program and SSCV culture of volunteerism.



Future Stars 1 day: 60; Future Stars 2 day: 80
Age Class Prep/U14 & U16 Part-Time: 100
Full Time: U8/U10 Age Class: 110
Full Time: U12 5 day and Lite/U14/U16/FIS: 160


Rookie Team – 1 Day: 60
Rookie Team – 2 Day: 80
Rookie Team – 3 Day: 100
Freeride Part-Time Weekend Team/Freeski Park and Pipe Weekend Team: 100
Full Time: Freeride FT 4 Day/Freeski Park and Pipe FT 4 Day:  110
Full Time: Full Time: Freeride Middle School/ Freeski Park and Pipe Middle School/Freeride High School/Freeski Park and Pipe High School:  120

Freeride Post Grad/Freeride Post Grade Plus/Freeski Park and Pipe Post Grad/Freeski Park and Pipe Post Grad Plus: 60


Bumps & Jumps: 60
Mogul Pre-Academy/Part Time Mogul Team: 100
Full Time: Bumps & Jumps FT 4 Day:  110
Full Time: Mogul Middle School/Mogul High School/Mogul FIS: 120


Nordic Future Stars: 40
Full Time:  Nordic U10/U12 Prep Team: 60
Full Time:  Nordic U14 Prep Team: 80
Full Time:  Nordic Competition Team/Nordic Development Team: 100


Mini Shreds  1 day: 60
Mini Shreds 2 day/Snowboard Youth Weekend 2 day: 80
Mini Shreds 3 day/Snowboard Youth Weekend 3 day: 100
Full Time: Snowboard FT 4 Day:  110
Full Time: Snowboard Middle School/Snowboard High School:120

Snowboard Post Grad/Snowboard Post Grade Plus: 60