The Rocky/Central Division sent four boys and four girls to compete at the CanAm U14 Championships at Sugarloaf, Maine. As a regional event, SSCV worked with coaches from Aspen, Steamboat, Gilboa and Buck Hill to provide support for all of our athletes.

“The conditions were variable and SSCV’s athletes really stepped up to the challenge competing along side the best U14 skiers from eastern Canada and the eastern U.S. programs,” said Head U14 Coach Kristina Revello. “Eastern Canada tends to have strong programs, and the eastern U.S. programs, like Stratton and Burke all have highly competitive athletes, as well. Having this early exposure to international racing gives us an idea how we are doing in terms of development back home.”

SSCV’s Tianna Bruce stole the show with a win in the overall with first- and second-place finishes in the slalom and giant slalom, respectively. Nick Kirwood also dialed it in with first- and third-place finishes in the slalom and giant slalom, earning second overall. Other strong performances came from Kaitlin Keane and Toby Scarpella.