Photo Caption:  Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s Calvin Schaffler flying down the giant slalom course at Thursday’s U14 Rocky Mountain Division Junior Championships on Golden Peak

VAIL, Colo. March 11, 2021 – The U14 Rocky Mountain Division Junior Championships came to an exciting close up at Golden Peak today. After a total of three days of intense competition, U14 boys had one final opportunity to put it all out on the course in two single-run races in giant slalom and slalom. Local SSCV racers made the most of their home advantage, sweeping one podium and grabbing 22 of the top ten spots across all four races.

The day began with the giant slalom races and a big win for Ski & Snowboard Club Vail. Athletes fired out of the gate at the top of Afterthought, and SSCV teammates Jackson Leever, Calvin Schaffler, and Oliver Kullberger soared down the course into first, second, and third. In the second giant slalom race, Aspen Valley’s Miko Lewis rose up the ranks to score the win, followed by Kullberger and Leever in second and third, respectively. Lewis retained his top spot throughout the afternoon slalom races with Jevin Palmquist of Team Summit close on his heels in second. Steamboat’s Adrian Beauregard claimed third in the first race and SSCV’s William Erickson stole third in the second. 

 “All of these athletes from across the division gave it their heart and soul this week”, said SSCV U14 Head Coach Rob Worrell.  “I was impressed with our boys’ technical skiing and the intensity they brought this week.  Good strong effort by the whole team.  I see a lot of future potential for this team.”

The top ten results are listed below. For a full list of results, please go to

Men’s Giant Slalom Race 1

  1. Jackson Leever, SSCV
  2. Calvin Schaffler, SSCV
  3. Oliver Kullberger, SSCV
  4. Miko Lewis, AVSC
  5. William Erickson, SSCV
  6. Rick Shay, SSCV
  7. Adrian Beauregard, SSWSC
  8. Oliver Helland, SSCV
  9. Spenser Gustafson, SSCV
  10. Lasse Gaxiola, SSCV

Men’s Giant Slalom Race 2

  1. Miko Lewis, AVSC
  2. Oliver Kullberger, SSCV
  3. Jackson Leever, SSCV
  4. Rick Shay, SSCV
  5. Wyatt Knapp, AVSC
  6. Jaden Schille, AVSC
  7. Oliver Helland, SSCV
  8. Adrian Beauregard, SSWSC
  9. Lasse Gaxiola, SSCV
  10. Jevin Palmquist, SUM

Men’s Slalom Race 1

  1. Miko Lewis, AVSC
  2. Jevin Palmquist, SUM
  3. Adrian Beauregard, SSWSC
  4. Jackson Leever, SSCV
  5. William Erickson, SSCV
  6. Owen Wither, SSWSC
  7. Seth Montgomery, SUM
  8. Oliver Helland, SSCV
  9. Nicholas Bradford, SSWSC
  10. Rick Shay, SSCV 

Men’s Slalom Race 2 (unofficial results)

  1. Miko Lewis, AVSC
  2. Jevin Palmquist, SUM
  3. William Erickson, SSCV
  4. Oliver Helland, SSCV
  5. Rick Shay, SSCV
  6. Adrian Beauregard, SSWSC
  7. Jackson Leever, SSCV
  8. Calvin Schaffler, SSCV
  9. Nicholas Deutschmann, IND
  10. Soteri Tousimis, LSC