Inge epitomizes SSCV’s core values of Character, Courage, and Commitment. Inge has had shoulder surgery two years in a row, once on each shoulder. Both times the decision was incredibly difficult. The first cost her most of dryland and essentially all of the 16-17 racing season. The surgery this year was done earlier so she has been able to start out the competition season after an arduous recovery. The whole ordeal has been tremendously difficult physically, socially, and emotionally: she has struggled to keep up, been in pain, fought and scraped for her recovery, but she’s done it and the benefits of her tenacity are beginning to pay-off.

One thing that has been great is the recognition she has received from her teammates for these efforts. They have seen her struggle and they have seen her work, and when the opportunity arises, they speak up, commend her, and talk about how impressed they are with her approach to a difficult situation. Her teammates know how hard it is to train and race and to do so while recovering from injury and surgery while not at full capacity is just that much more difficult.

Adam Joice began his career at SSCV as an unpaid intern for a full year. He was fully dedicated to his job with SSCV while paying his bills at night working as a busser at a local restaurant in town. Often, his nights would last until midnight or 1 a.m., but he would be in on time every morning for work, with a smile on and a stellar work ethic.

This June, in the space of one month, he not only got hired to a full-time position with SSCV Human Performance, he was also immediately promoted to the Director of Strength and Conditioning and “thrown into the deep end of the pool” with triple the responsibility that he had previously. He not only relished the challenge, but also put together a new program that has already received positive accolades by coaches, athletes and parents alike. Each day, he is working on new ideas with our staff to improve the athletes. He is spending time in the field with the coaches working on understanding the sports at SSCV. His work ethic seems to be limitless and he greets each day with a smile and a laugh.