World Cup Volunteers Needed
Beaver Creek
November 22-December 8

It is an exciting time of year with the Men’s and Women’s World Cups at Beaver Creek just around the corner.  These events require an enormous number of race volunteers to create a safe and successful training and competition venue for world class athletes from around the world.  Please consider volunteering for the positions listed below.  This is a great opportunity to be a part of bringing the best of alpine racing to our Valley, an event which has an amazingly positive impact on our community and serves as a huge inspiration to all of our SSCV athletes.  Thank you so much for your consideration.  If you have questions, please e-mail CB Bechtel at .

Some key advantages to volunteering at the Beaver Creek World Cup races—
1.     The more volunteers we have to fill the below positions the less it will impact SSCV athlete training schedules as we will need less coaches and athletes to help out.
2.     Those volunteering 6 or more days will receive a Beaver Creek World Cup volunteer jacket.
3.     Vail Valley Foundation is requiring all volunteers at the 2015 World Championships to have World Cup volunteer experience at these upcoming World Cups in Beaver Creek.

The schedule and related volunteer needs are set forth below.  See the asterisks below for volunteer needs/descriptions.

Beaver Creek Women’s World Cup Dates and Volunteer Positions Available
·       November 22-25-set up for all races*
·       November 26-28-Downhill training**
·       November 29-Super G race**
·       November 30-Downhill race**
·       December 1-GS race**
·       December 2-weather day for women, if required**

Beaver Creek Men’s World Cup
·       December 3-5-Downhill training**
·       December 6-Super G race**
·       December 7-Downhill race**
·       December 8-GS race**

Please note that in order for someone to volunteer on a race day or training day they must volunteer for at least one set up day.

*crew who can get around mountain on skis or snowboard and do demanding physical labor (e.g.-b-net transport and installation)
**slip crew (expert skiers only (e.g.-former high level racer))
**runners-expert skiers with race arena experience (e.g.-getting a gate to a specific location mid-race)
**auxiliary runners-excellent skiers willing to do miscellaneous tasks, as needed

If you are a current SSCV volunteer or family go to the “MySSCVLogin” button along the top bar of the web site at to sign up to volunteer.  Please email to sign up to volunteer if you are not a current SSCV volunteer or family.