Weekend Drop Off/Pick Up 

SSCV staff has been working hard to find ways to make our club pick up and drop off run as smoothly as possible. On every Saturday and Sunday we have at least two staff members available to direct traffic at both drop off and pick up. While we have had a lot of success and generally positive feedback on the process, we have encountered some challenges, especially on weekends when all programs are in Vail for training. The challenges put us into a difficult situation most importantly for athlete safety and then also for the club’s perception by our neighbors including the Town of Vail. It is our goal to avoid having cars waiting past the club entrance onto Vail Valley Drive, even for only a few minutes.

Therefore  we are asking for your help and cooperation with some changes to our weekend drop off and pick up process. With your assistance we can ensure a smooth, efficient turnaround and make everyone’s experience positive.

Through the season, our biggest challenge is dealing with vehicles that are left unattended in the driveway. The main difficulty is that we continue to have cars coming into the driveway at peak periods while cars are still parked, so we then end up with more cars than capacity for the space. To address this challenge we will follow these steps:

1- Closely adhere to published start and finish times. We stagger start and completion times of several programs to better manage the flow of athletes. We have heard feedback from parents that they show up at the published times, especially for pick up, and their athletes are not ready to go.

2- At Drop Off, we will have coaches in place at the driveway to assist your athletes. We are asking the coaches to greet the athletes at the driveway, assist with their gear and connect them with their program groups.

3- For Pick Up at the end of the day: coaches will arrive with their groups at the clubhouse 5 minutes before their published ending time. They walk with their athletes and their gear downstairs to the driveway. They will remain with their athletes at the driveway until all in their group are picked up by their parents.

4- Whenever possible, utilize the approach from the east on Vail Valley Drive. On busier days going that way can actually be faster than navigating through town and past the parking garage and Gold Peak ski school lot.

5- We want to emphasize that unfortunately we do not have enough space on the weekends to leave a vehicle unattended during the hours of 8-9:30 AM and 2:30-4 PM. If you need to speak with a coach, attend to an equipment question or stop in for any other reason, we ask that you drop off/pick up, head offsite to park and then return to the club. The Town of Vail Parking garage offers free parking for less than two hours. It only takes a few minutes to move offsite and doing so enables the rest of the membership to move through more quickly.

We really appreciate your help and understanding, and thanks for making this a super season!