Just a reminder that SSCV online registration is open for the 2017-18 season. Please pass this information along to friends and neighbors who may be interested in joining SSCV.  Registration information, including instructions, early payment discount details and financial aid deadlines can be found below. Many thanks to those who have already completed SSCV online registration.

Enrollment Instructions:
1.  Login/sign up for your MySSCV Account
2.  Select ‘Athlete Application’ from your MySSCV dashboard
3.  Select ‘2018’ season
4.  Select Athlete’s Name
5.  Fill in the required information, including grade athlete will be entering for the 17-18 season, select Non-Resident Fee or Colorado Resident Fee and then click ‘Begin Application’ (click here to determine if you qualify for Non-Resident Fee or Colorado Resident Fee).
6.  Page 1: Select 2017-2018 program. Programs are organized by sport discipline and click “Show Programs” to see and select program option.
7.  Page 3: Continue and fill in/update required information and select any additional options such as tuning programs.
8.  Continue and fill in/update required information such as liability and honor code/ substance abuse signatures, and credit card information.
9.  Page 10:  ‘Submit Application’
10.  Please Note: when you submit the Athlete Application, you will receive an automatic Applied Email. Once we process the application and enroll your athlete, you will receive a confirmation email with a few more steps that will need to be completed pre-participation.

Full Time Athlete Admissions Process

  • All athletes wishing to enroll in Full Time programs at SSCV are required to complete the full-time admissions process. These groups include:
    • Athletes previously enrolled in Part Time programs at SSCV and recommended by Program Director to enter a Full Time program this coming season
    • Athletes previously enrolled in Full Time programs at SSCV that wish to transfer to a different full-time snowsport program
    • Athletes that wish to enroll at VSSA or Winter Tutorial
  • If you fall into one of the groups listed, and the athlete has not yet applied to a Full Time program (regardless of where they attend school), please contact the SSCV Director of Academics and Admissions, Sharon Schmidt at sschmidt@skiclubvail.org or 970-790-5161 as soon as possible for details on and to commence the full-time athlete admissions process.

Volunteer Requirement:

SSCV cannot exist without the incredible support and dedication of all of our members. There is a discount available for those qualifying for the Colorado Resident Fee which helps offset the real cost of SSCV programs. Therefore please note when you start your enrollment process on or after June 1, 2017 that if you select the Colorado Resident Fee you are committing to a predetermined number of volunteer hours for the upcoming season. More information is available at the following links: Program Point Requirement and Annual Volunteer Calendar. If you are a returning family and you did not fulfill your 2016-2017 volunteer point requirement, you will not be eligible for a discount this season. If you believe there is a discrepancy on your account, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@skiclubvail.org, to submit undocumented hours or to learn how to earn the remainder of your hours over the summer.

Financial Aid Awards:

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail believes that no one should be restricted from participating in SSCV programs for financial reasons. Therefore, financial aid awards are available from SSCV to support up to 75% of program fees. Details, application and submission deadlines are available on the website by clicking here. Upon submission, applications must be complete and on time in order to be eligible. The deadline to apply for financial aid WAS June 15, 2017 for Full Time athletes and October 16, 2017 for all other applicants, including Full Time. Only full-time athletes who have completed SSCV online program registration by June 15 will be considered for financial aid in the full-time athlete round.

Early Enrollment Discount:

In order to receive the 5% Early Enrollment Discount you MUST sign up and pay in full by the program deadline. Deadlines are as follows:

  • 4+ days/week programs: July 15
  • 3 days/week programs: August 15
  • 2 days/week programs: September 15
  • 1 day/week programs: October 15

Family Discount (10% off applied to sibling with lowest program fee) and Early Enrollment Discount (5% off each program) will be calculated and applied after application is received by administration.

Payment Plans:

Payment plans begin as early as June 15 and run through December 15. Payments are due on the 15th of each month. Based on the registration date, the payment amount will be divided equally over the number of months left in the calendar year until the December 15th payment date. In some cases, payment plans may require larger payments up front. You can select this option on page 9 of the athlete application. Please note that there is 4% finance fee for payment plan by credit card, and a 2% finance fee for payment plan by e-checks (debit). Any questions regarding payment, please contact Betsy Cuthbertson at bcuthbertson@skiclubvail.org or 970-790-5147.

For any questions on the enrollment process, please call or email our Member Services Manager at 970-790- 5121 or info@skiclubvail.org.