Hi Families,

During this holiday season, we think about being with those we care about most and maybe those that can’t be with us. On the athletic side it is also the time when the competition/training season can ramp up. Although balancing these two can be stressful, this extra family time can also be a time of grounding, centering and validation. And out of these feelings can come performance.

We all need to feel connected and aligned with family and yet also have a unique meaningful identity. These needs can be met by spending time together doing family traditions, taking personal time to relax/have fun and simply enjoying how you function as a family unit. With these needs of contentedness and autonomy met we are more likely to be our best self and perform to the best of our ability whether it’s at a competition, at work, school or in our relationships.

I hope you each get to enjoy some family time, whether it is a day, a week or a few weeks. Enjoy it knowing it’s good for the soul and the performance.