Well yesterday was a bust for us but we are all in good health and have little to worry about in terms of food, shelter and good care. The lifts didn’t open for the day as they inspected towers, chairs and all funtions. We chose to spend the morning doing homework and the afternoon walking to town and practising our Japanese!

Dinner with the Chinese delegation and our hosts from Goldwin at was our welcome and goodbye party. Today is another clear day here and we are going skiing with the 6 kids who travelled from China only to have to endure a 12 hour bus ride here in time for a cancellation. They will only get 3 hours on snow but it will be great!

Today after lunch we all head to Narita where we will stay for a night before we head into Tokyo for some sightseeing and shopping for 24 hours. Look for some photos of the sights and sounds of one of the great cities of the world as well as some wide-eyed american kids!

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