In June, SSCV’s Henry Heaydon was named to the Australian National Alpine Ski Team as its youngest member. With this national team designation, Heaydon now has his sights set on the Winter Olympic Games in 2022.

The Australian Alpine and Ski Cross Athletes qualified based on the published 2018/2019 National Alpine Ski Team (NAST) Criteria. The restructure of the 2018/2019 National Alpine Ski Team Criteria is informed by an evidence-based approach. The 2018/2019 National Alpine Ski Team Criteria sets aspirational and realistic benchmarks to inform selection and understanding the athletic journey and milestones along the way for athletes to strive for elite performances in the sport.

Each athlete accepting their nomination to the SSA National Alpine Ski Team will receive assistance with membership and domestic events, major event support, assistance in accessing strength and conditioning, sports psychology and nutrition, and a national team uniform. The SSA Alpine Director and/or the OWIA Head Coach for Ski Cross will utilize athlete individual performance plans (IPP) to inform and guide program planning and assist with overall athlete development and benchmarking.

The NAC recognises the need to provide continuity for athletes within the system. Therefore due to the realignment of the National Alpine Ski Team (NAST) Criteria, the athletes not selected under the new criteria but were previously selected in 2017/2018 NAST Criteria, or would have been selected under the 2017/2018 NAST Criteria, have had their selection extended to be given the opportunity to meet the new criteria by October 15th 2018.