Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s Katharine Irwin smoked the field at today’s J2 Nationals Super G, and captured her second win at these championships in as many days.

“After watching the first few women run the course, we altered our inspection plan and talked to our women about the change,” said coach Nick Asoian.   “Katharine, running eighth, absolutely nailed the tactical change and executed perfectly.”

Irwin certainly did execute well – she eclipsed second place Jordan Schweitzer, of the Mount Bachelor Sports Ed Foundation, by 1.36 seconds.

SSCV’s Celine Guilmineau and Julia Cooper took 15th and 18th, respectively.

“Guilmineau and Cooper skied solidly,” said Asoian.

For SSCV’s men, Anthony Romano finished 33rd, Colin Hayes, 34th, Nick Sataniello, 37th, and Alex Leever placed 47th.

“Our men skied well considering there has been very little opportunity to train over the last few days because of the weather,” said Asoian.   “They placed well despite the circumstances, and I’m pleased with how they came in off the bench to race a 90 second Super G race.”

The J2 Nationals continue Thursday, 3/10, with a downhill race for the men and women at Sugarloaf.