Ski & Snowboard Club Vail is proud to have completed partial construction of the new clubhouse at Golden Peak, which is now open to our members and the public. While this second phase of the clubhouse transition ushers in a period of only partial usage, we expect this limited functionality to dramatically improve SSCV operations and transportation for the remainder of the season.

Phase 2 of new clubhouse operations are now in effect

SSCV has resumed full use of the clubhouse driveway for pick-up and drop-off of athletes. We have appreciated parents’ adherence to the temporary transportation plan over the last season-and-a-half, and we are now pleased to provide a fully functioning driveway to our members for loading and unloading of athletes and equipment.

For those of you who are newer to the club, having a fully functioning driveway — while significantly more convenient than the absence of one — comes with its own set of challenges and requires substantial discipline on the part of parents in order for the driveway to function properly.

The new driveway will operate much like its predecessor. During periods of high traffic, a backup of cars has and may again form on Vail Valley Drive. When dozens of cars arrive all at the same time, your patience and speedy pick-up and drop-off practices will help expedite the process for you and your fellow SSCV members.

Please note: There is a temporary “speed bump” near the entrance of the driveway. This speed bump is a short-term necessity that houses a critical power line to the temporary clubhouse. Please proceed over the speed bump as you normally would and avoid parking in that area.

Driveway parking spots are for active loading and unloading of athletes and gear. Parents are asked to remain with their vehicle at all times.

Please be aware of the following pick-up and drop-off procedures:

  • All vehicles must enter from the west and exit to the east. It is recommended that vehicles approach from the west side of Vail Valley Drive (rather than coming in from the golf course) because turning left into the driveway may be a challenge during busy periods.
  • The driveway will split into three lanes. The left and right lanes are for loading and unloading. The middle lane is for thru traffic only. Under no circumstances is parking in the middle lane allowed. Please also note, the right lane will pass under a clubhouse overhang — no high clearance vehicles!
  • Pull all the way up to the furthest available parking spot. Do not hang back and wait. If a vacancy ahead opens up, keep moving forward. This is critical to getting cars off Vail Valley Drive.
  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended. Make a plan to meet your athlete(s) on the front side of the building. Coaches have also been instructed to usher athletes to the front of the clubhouse. Keep your vehicle running.
  • Load and unload your athletes quickly. If you would like to visit the clubhouse or speak with a coach, please park in the Vail Village parking structure and ride the in-town shuttle over to Golden Peak.
  • Do not show up early. You will receive further communication from your program manager about pick-up and drop-off times. These times are intentionally staggered. Arriving early and waiting in the driveway will cause congestion.
  • Have a conversation with your athlete(s). Make sure he or she knows where and when to meet.

It is important to remember that, while the new driveway will be a huge improvement from our current situation and even more spacious than the old driveway, it simply is not possible for us to supply even short-term parking to our membership of more than 400 families. Parking lanes are for active loading and unloading only.

Please also be aware, the clubhouse will remain under partial construction for the remainder of the season, making these procedures all the more important.

Welcome to your new (partial) clubhouse

While we look forward to hosting a grand opening and offering full functionality of the clubhouse this fall, we are thrilled to be able to provide basic facilities starting Wednesday.

Immediately adjacent to the hill, the Great Room will be open and available to all athletes and their families. This massive, day-use facility will provide a comfortable space for all athletes to boot up, warm up, store their gear during the day, and generally congregate. One level below, another smaller space will house U12-U14 alpine athletes and staff.

Overnight storage of personal belongings will not be possible at this time.

However, bathrooms and running water will be immediately available at the new clubhouse.

At this time, we will also be providing a coaches’ work room and a number of critical offices. Executive Director Kirk Dwyer and Chief Operating Officer John Hale will be on site, as well as Operations (Chris Ogilvie) and Member Services (Leslie Tabor).

The temporary clubhouse will remain in place and open for the duration of the season. The temp can be used for coaches and athlete overflow as needed. SSCV’s Athletic Trainer will continue to be based out of the temporary clubhouse.

The Tune Shop has moved

The Tune Shop has successfully transitioned from Minturn and has settled into its new home within the clubhouse at Golden Peak.

Starting Wednesday, pick-up and drop-off of skis will no longer take place at the concrete barrier at the base of Chair 6. Athletes should proceed directly to the Tune Shop to pick up and drop off equipment.

The new Tune Shop will be located in the southwest corner of the clubhouse on the garage level. On Wednesday, athletes will be able to drop their skis and boards off directly at the Tune Shop. Customers may enter from the northwest stairwell on the driveway level in the front of the clubhouse and walk downstairs to the Tune Shop reception area.

Those with the Elite Tuning Package will be provided season-long storage of skis at the Tune Shop.

Tune Shop customers should be on the lookout for future communication from Equipment Manager Brian Eggleton with more details.

Along with the move, the Tune Shop is thrilled to also announce delivery of a new, state-of-the-art Wintersteiger Mercury edge-sharpening and stone-grind machine. This machine has been purchased by the Tune Shop at no cost to SSCV members via enrollment fees.

The Wintersteiger Mercury will provide the same level of edge preparation athletes have come to know and expect while dramatically improving Tune Shop productivity in terms of full-tune (stone grind) service.

With this new equipment in place at Golden Peak, the Tune Shop will now be able to provide overnight full tunes to all athletes on site in Vail. The Wintersteiger Mercury will effectively double productivity at the Tune Shop, and the new clubhouse location will eliminate the need for skis to be transported back and forth to Minturn.

The Tune Shop is looking forward to working with all athletes and programs out of the new clubhouse location.

Thank you!

As we enter this second phase of the new clubhouse transition, we would like to once again thank our athletes, parents and coaches for their flexibility over the past year. With these new facilities in place for the remainder of the season, we are thrilled to begin the transition into our new home at the base of Golden Peak and look forward to sharing future updates as they become available.