New Year’s Copper Rail Jam 12/31/16

10-13 Boys

1st- Eazy Goebel

4th- Hayden Tyler

6th- Fynn Bullock

8th- Kade Martin

10th- Chase Borders

16th- Clay Copenhaver

17th- Tieg Wachter

20th- Huck Palmiter

14 and over Men

1st- Jack Coyne

3rd- Jeremy Baxter

8th- Joey Greenblatt

14 and over women

4th Montana Braden

9 and under boys

1st- Wyat Fisher

2nd- Skogen Wachter

Open Men

1st- David Retzlaff

Copper Slopestyle & Rev Tour Slope Qualifier

12-13 boys

8th- Clay Copenhaver

8-9 Boys

1st- Ollie Martin

2nd- Wyat Fisher

4th- Carter Shonk

Junior 16-17

1st- Nate Panlilio

Menehune 10-11

1st- Fynn Bullock

2nd- Hayden Tyler

6th- Chase Borders

7th- Tieg Wachter

11th- Kade Martin

13th- Huck Palmiter

14th- Cole Kirkham

Open Men

1st- Dylan Okurowski

3rd- David Retzlaff

Ruggie 7 and under

1st- Skogen Wachter

Youth 14-15

1st- Jack Coyne

6th- Jeremy Baxter

14th- Joey Greenblatt

In total that is 15 podium spots, 10 firsts, 3 seconds, and 2 thirds.