The Paul Cuthbertson Foundation is pleased to announce the first round of The Live for Those Who Cannot Scholarship awards. A total of $12,750 was awarded to a diverse group of young men and women who demonstrated need, a passion for life, and dedication to achieving excellence in their pursuits.

Twenty-two applications were received, and nine scholarships were awarded to the following recipients:

  • Erika McCormick
  • Clare Baker
  • Karis Stang
  • Dominick Epifanio
  • Alina Cospolich
  • Storm Klomhaus
  • Emily Husson
  • Truett Bennett
  • Mylo Ornowski

Selected applicants are pursuing a variety of interests, such as medical school, nursing school, self-funded world cup ski racing, competitive snowboarding, competitive alpine ski racing and continuing education, competitive mountain biking, and competitive mogul skiing. Recipients hail from the Vail Valley, Summit County, Lander Wyoming, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Denver.

Below are notes from some of the winners:

Alina Cospolich

“I am so grateful to the Paul Cuthbertson Foundation for helping to fund my snowboarding competitions this year. I plan to use this money for travel costs to the higher level competitions like the U.S. Revolution Tour. This scholarship has made it possible for me to do more of what I love.”

Clare Baker

“This scholarship will aid in education expenses for Nursing School. I will be working as a Nurse in an Intensive Care Unit and I look forward to caring for patients and helping them heal. I hope to embody the Paul Cuthbertson Foundation and to ‘live for those who cannot’ as I embark on my journey as a nurse. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Dominic Epifanio

“Thank you for allowing me to me to continue my passion of ski racing with the financial assistance that the Live for Those Who Cannot foundation has provided. Thank you for allowing me to continue this sport which provides me with skills that I will carry into the rest of my life. Thank you for believing in me and thank you for allowing me to represent Paul Cuthbertson and his memory. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with Paul in Oregon during a Mount Hood summer ski camp a few years ago. Paul was many years older than me, yet made me feel as if we were the same age. His kindness and welcoming attitude stuck out to me and made me happy to be around him. I hope and strive to have that type of charisma and have a positive impact on everyone I encounter just as Paul did. Thank You!”

Mylo Ornowski

“This scholarship will help me fund my first NorAm competitions. It keeps me on the track toward the US Ski Team. It gave me a really huge boost emotionally to be awarded such a heartfelt gift. It gave me the lift I needed to complete six duals the day I received the news.”

Karis Stang

“Thank you so much! I’m really excited to receive this and it’s going to really help with some of my expenses!”

Emily Husson

“In receiving a ‘Living for Those Who Cannot’ scholarship to cover the cost of the US Medical Licensing Examination, I can better focus on my medical education studies in pursuit of my goal of becoming a doctor for rural populations. I am grateful to feel supported in my academic career and for my passion for adventures in the mountains by the Paul Cuthbertson Foundation.”

Erika McCormick

“I will be forever thankful for the Paul Cuthbertson Foundation for granting me this scholarship I will always remember and cherish your support.”

Storm Klamhaus

“Thank you so much! I cannot thank you enough for  the opportunity, and dearly appreciate the support.”

The Paul Cuthbertson Foundation extends our deepest gratitude and thanks for the generosity of our donors who made this possible.

2019 Donors

Kristofer Ochs, Mike & Betsy Cuthbertson, Robert & Sarah Kilgore, The Radamus Family, Noah Nordheimer, Brett & Kathleen Derwin, Laura Boldt, Martha Giddings, David & Christine Stolz, Harry & Sara Levins, Ski Town Allstars, Deb Martin, Paul E. Stavros, Richard and Tina Denney, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail, Amy Barrow, Obermier/Sheykhet Architecture, Jaccquelyn Moberly, Gerry Mai, David Kaselak, John Halloran, Lori Lavicka, Mckayla Braden, Sara Stanford, Dorothy Anderson, Margot & William Johnjulio, Scott Liebler – Funsical, Linda Taylor Armstrong, EJ & Sandy Olbright, BG Buildingworks, Inc., Heather Surridge, Heidi L. Kloser, Jason Swinger, John Negomir, Lisa M Annaheim, Robert R Humphris, Ruth Eilerman, Ryan LaVire, Sandra Smith, Teresa Kliegerman, Michael and Emily Kloser, Ellen Dooley, Kim Hoffman Hoagland, Kim McGrew, Susan Cahill, John Christin Jr, chris bivona, Ellen T Coggins, Gay Fletcher, Jason Kiefer, Lauren Milligan, Nigel Cooper, Robert Bode, Nikken Cullman, Lauren Milligan, Sandra L Seeley, Richard Murray, Daniel J Hintz, Mella Wheatley, Anne K Barounos, Debra Jean Deverell, Joyce S Newton, Margaret Stevens

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