In an exciting weekend of racing, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) U16 alpine racers swept the men’s and ladies’ podiums in Giant Slalom and Slalom at the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) Rocky Mountain Division SmartWool Ski Cup/Garner Games Championships in Winter Park this weekend.  The finale in this season’s SmartWool series brought together men and women racers ages 13 to college age to challenge themselves in Giant Slalom, Slalom and Dual Slalom races over three days.

SSCV athletes took eight of the top 10 spots in men’s Giant Slalom and Slalom, and six of the top 10 spots in ladies’ Slalom and Giant Slalom.

“Throughout the season, our athletes have brought their best on race day,” said Rob Worrell, SSCV’s USSA Team Head Coach.  “The results they have achieved are directly related to the hard work that they put in on the hill day-in and day-out.  I am really looking forward to seeing what they accomplish next in their young careers.”

On Friday, Nellie Rose Talbot finished first in ladies’ Giant Slalom, with Dylan Fiore and Gretchen Pavelich taking the silver and bronze, respectively.  Bridger Gile was on top of the men’s Giant Slalom podium, and Jacob Dilling and Matt Macaluso took home silver and bronze, respectively.

In Saturday’s Slalom races, Nellie Rose Talbot again took home the gold, with Michaela Strizencova in second and Emma Hall in third.  On the men’s side, Colby Lange was first, with Bridger Gile second and Ben Kooiman third.

Sunday’s Dual Slalom brought the weekend to a fun close, with athletes skiing head-to-head in elimination rounds to determine the overall winners.  Top performers for SSCV were Nellie Rose Talbot in 1st and Anneli Holm in 3rd for the Women and Colby Lange in 1st, Peer Carnes in 2nd, Bridger Gile in 3rd and Jacob Dilling in 4th for the Men.

“The strength of this team is truly impressive,” said Karen Ghent, SSCV Alpine Program Director. “They have worked hard, pushed each other and raised the bar on themselves and their competitors.  They should be proud.  I look forward to watching their success in the future.”

Ghent went on to acknowledge the importance of Vail Resorts in supporting SSCV’s athletes.  “They could not have achieved this high level without the support of Vail Resorts, which provides unprecedented resources for our teams. SSCV appreciates the relationship we have with the resort and thanks them for all of their support.”

All SSCV athlete results for the Giant Slalom and Slalom races are listed below.  A complete list of results can be found at

Ladies Giant Slalom -March 20, 2015
SSCV Results
1 Talbot, Nellie Rose
2 Fiore, Dylan
3 Pavelich, Gretchen
6 Livran, Zoe
8 Fallon, Hannah
10 Schein, Zoe
12 Holm, Anneli
13 Hall, Emma
16 Brandt, Taylor
19 Kelsey, Gigi
21 Harding, Naomi
25 Dines, Lily
32 Viola, Elise
36 Lautenberg, Hannah
37 Chelain, Trinity
49 Simione, Ashley
53 Rodney, Sharon
54 Braun, Zoe
66 Meyers, Morgan
Men Giant Slalom -March 20, 2015
SSCV Results
1 Gile, Bridger
2 Dilling, Jacob
3 Macaluso, Matthew
4 Kooiman, Ben
5 Resnick, Michael
6 Bervy, Max
7 Leblanc, Gus
9 Carnes, Peer
12 Lazier, Flinn
13 Fancher, Burke
14 Palmer, Wyatt
17 Timm, Maxwell
18 Mulligan, Chadwick
25 Strauch, Tucker
39 Ballesteros, Jorge
42 Littman, Peter
44 Flaherty, Charles
Ladies Slalom -March 21 ,2015
1 Talbot, Nellie Rose
2 Strizencova, Michaela
3 Hall, Emma
4 Fiore, Dylan
5 Holm, Anneli
10 Brandt, Taylor
11 Schein Zoe
13 Pavelich, Gretchen
18 Fallon, Hannah
20 Chelain, Trinity
26 Kelsey, Gigi
31 Livran, Zoe
33 Harding, Naomi
39 Viola, Elise
45 Braun, Zoe
46 Rodney, Sharon
53 Anderson, Kristen
54 Adams, Casey
59 Simione, Ashley
70 Meyers Morgan
78 Geisman, Jane
Men Slalom -March 21, 2015
SSCV Results
1 Lange, Colby
2 Gile, Bridger
3 Kooiman, Ben
4 Macaluso, Matthew
7 Leblanc, Gus
8 Dilling, Jacob
9 Resnick, Michael
10 Mulligan, Chadwick
17 Fancher, Burke
24 Carnes, Peer
27 Palmer, Wyatt
28 Dippy, Jake
29 Lazier, Flinn
31 Timm, Maxwell
32 Strauch, Tucker
37 Littman, Peter
38 Woodland, Cameron
47 Flaherty, Charles
51 Irwin-Pack, Reese
58 Woodard, Keelan